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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

And the cold it goes round and round...

No painted ponies going up and down, however. Just the sneezes of a thousand ninjas all moaning for their swords so they can commit sepuku. Because this freaking cold is just ridiculous. First the Boy had it, then the Girl got it, then the Boy had it again, then the Girl had it again, and then I finally got it even with every single precaution I took including screaming "wash your hands" at the top of my lungs every time the kids left my site for more than 10 seconds. And now the Girl is starting on round 3.

When the weather was warm for more than 10 nanoseconds I opened all the windows to get some fresh, untainted air in the joint. Lotta good that did. I won't even let anyone touch my water bottle, we're not sharing anything edible, and if anyone comes within 10 feet of me, I cover my mouth and scream. I'm a real delight to live with when I'm trying to avoid illness. People love me. Really they do!

And yet, with all those precautions I spent the last 4 days moaning on the sofa with a headache that makes my eyes run. And a nose that runs all by itself. But only on one side. I think I am a freak of nature. I have a left-sided cold. I wish I could think this was cool, but it seems to me that it's not only freakish, but it's an invitation to get a right-sided cold next, thus prolonging my grief for even longer.

Since the entire town seems to suffering right along with me, either we all need to put on face masks like they do in the Japanese subways, or the city should be putting vitamins in our water. I'm calling out the Mayor on this. He's screwed everything else up, the least he can do is make the populace healthy again.

Aside: Saw a gorgeous cardinal this morning. They look so pretty in the snow.

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