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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Annoyed? Why yes, I am!

You know what really annoys me? People who make appointments to come to your home, who work for you, and not only don't show up, but call you at the asscrack of dawn the morning they have already made an appointment and leave a message asking you if it's OK for them to come at a totally different time and that you should call them right back, and then don't show up for the appointment you've made. That is annoying.

How hard is it to make an appointment and show up for it without interim phone calls to make appointments because you forgot the initial appointment. Get a freaking planner and write it down. I do. So when I prepare for an arrival that's in my book, I expect you to be there, too.

Also, I do not appreciate phone calls after the fact implying that I made the mistake. I think not. An appointment is an appointment. If you have to call to change the appointment, fine. But to not show and then imply that it's my fault when I was sitting and waiting. That is really irritating.

You know what else I find annoying. Many Ramirez and the Dodgers. 45 million dollars? In this economy that self-absorbed jerk has the gall to hold out for a contract for more money than it would take to build and operate a school in Los Angeles? Nobody loves baseball more than I do, and when Manny played for the Red Sox I adored him even though it was apparent he was the prima donna to end all prima donnas. But this is ridiculous. Nobody needs 45 million dollars. NOBODY. We're going after corporate CEOs like crazy, and that's well deserved, but we allow sports figures, people that don't even work full time, to get that kind of money without comment? I think it's time we had a cap on salaries in the world of sports, and there is no way that anyone, even someone as talented as Manny, to make that kind of money. It's obscene.

While we're on the topic of obscene, let's talk about another thing that makes me crazy. Rush Limbaugh. Since when can a drug-addicted moron with no formal education simply proclaim himself to be the head of a major political party just because he has a right-wing radio show listened to by a lot of dubious droolers. And the Republican party is kowtowing to that Big Fat Idiot, to quote Al Franken, because their other choices are even more toxic? How pathetic is that? I understand that the party is in disarray, but geesh... Limbaugh? This is the best you can come up with?

And lastly, I'm totally irritated with MSM coverage of what's going on in Israel right now. Are you aware that over 90 rockets have been fired at Israel since the "cease fire". Of course you aren't. Because MSM isn't going to cover it until Israel finally gets fed up and retaliates. And then all shit will hit the fan. Meanwhile the Israeli populace is living with the threat of Hezbollah from the north, who have stated that they are now ready for war, and from Hamas. WHY don't people care? Why is this continually ignored in the MSM? You and I both know why. Meanwhile, antisemitism in Europe, Australia, South America, and North American keeps climbing with incidents that rarely make the papers outside of the Jewish media. Hmmmm.

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Blogger tutugirl1345 said...

All of these things are really fucking annoying. But, getting angry about them mostly just hurts yourself. Tell the asshole that skipped your appointment that you no longer need his services and find someone else. Use your public internet sway to push people to boycott Manny or something. And the more you talk about what's going on in Israel, the more people are going to demand that we have coverage of it.

6/3/09 7:17 AM  
Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

I agree with all that you said, but most especially, the RIDICULOUS salaries being commanded by sports figures and entertainers. Nobody can even afford to go to the stupid movies or sporting events any more because it's so freakin expensive. Why? Because these yahoos think they deserve 45 million dollars. School teachers, firefighters, police officers and soldiers make a pittance while these people reside in the lap of luxury? It's shameful and disgusting.

Service people who don't arrive on time at my house get turned away. Every time. It's bad business practice and I tell them so. Enough already. Things are going to be changing, because in this economy, nobody can afford to lose business.

6/3/09 7:28 AM  
Blogger Wide Lawns said...

I agree with every single word you just wrote about everything.I think I might love you. And you write about Lost every week.

7/3/09 6:26 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

I LOVE this post. 100% completely agree. with all of it.

9/3/09 4:24 AM  

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