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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grown-up homefries

We have one eater that will eat anything that looks remotely like food, and one very worried eater here in Casa Margalit. The one eater that will eat anything is so voracious that he would probably eat the plastic food outside a sushi restaurant if he could get his hands on it. I don't worry about what he will eat, I worry more about what he will leave for the rest of us. The answer is usually nothing.

The worried eater is more concerned with things touching and things having sauce or especially things being spicy. Those are very scary things. She rarely ventures outside of her favorites and is loathe to try anything that even looks suspicious to her. She's a great eater within the realm of her likes and dislikes, which fortunately include all fruits and veggies. But to get her to try a variation on a theme is almost like digging a hole at the beach.

On Sunday night, we usually have breakfast for dinner. It could be as easy as cereal or as complicated as a dutch pancake. Tonight I suggested homefries and eggs, and everyone agreed although Ms Worried Eater was concerned that there might be (gasp) onions in the homefries. Like I would make homefries without onion. What would be the point? I told her that she could pick out the onions, but that I was going to add some other veggies, which made her happy. Garlic is a vegetable, right?

Now, when I cook stuff like this, I make it as plain as possible because I know she'll eat 3 bites and disappear if she doesn't like it. But she is one of three and the rest of us like our food to taste will, like food. Which means Ms Bland is going to hate it right off the bat. Any flavor and she's horrified.

So tonight I chopped up an onion, some red pepper and yellow pepper, a couple cloves of garlic, red bliss potatoes, and some cauliflower buds. I sauted them all together and then made a pan of over easy eggs that I added over the top of the homefries.

She looked at the homefries, looked at me, looked again at her plate and started to say something and I told her that she had to follow the family rule of three bites. It's been her rule since she was first starting solid food, and believe me, I had no idea it would last until she was over 16, but there you go.

She tasted the homefries, and guess what? They were not horrible. She liked them! They had enough veggies to drown out the onions, she never even got a hint of garlic, and with the eggs covering the potatoes, she got only the flavors she liked.

SCORE! We have added grown-up homefries to the menu.

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Blogger bethany actually said...

Dutch pancake, complicated? You are talking about those big pancakes you make in a cast-iron pan that puff up, right? Your recipe must be more complex than mine because I consider that an easy meal! :-)

Your grown-up homefries sound divine! I had never thought of adding peppers and cauliflower to homefries. Yum!

p.s. I was very like the Girl in eating habits till I was in college. Now I eat ALL KINDS of things I never would have considered touching when I was a kid.

9/3/09 12:03 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

I managed to give birth to a picky eater (which boggles my mind, as both Husband and I are more of the "eat the plastic food outside the sushi restaurant" variety ourselves). I live in fear that all he will eat until adulthood is watermelon, Amy's Pizza Bites and Frosted Mini-wheats.

I'll have to try those homefries...

9/3/09 4:20 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Sounds delicious! We love homefries and hashbrowns and all things potato in my house.

9/3/09 8:01 PM  

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