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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm so late

With Passover right around the corner, by now I should have done about half the prep work on my house, the shopping, and have thought about the menu. In reality I've done some of the shopping, but will still have a trip to take next week for the veggies, fruits, and some last minute items. The house is clean and the kitchen looks good, but I'm not going to turn it over until next Monday, which leaves me 2 days to cook. That's enough, because this year we're doing a small seder with just 8 of us, due to severe trauma going on at my BFF's house. The menu won't be particularly unusual this year, with the standard brisket, gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzoh balls, potato kugel, carrot and apple kugel, roasted asparagus, tsimmes, and for dessert I'm baking a flourless clementine cake, some of those fabulous orange chocolate maccaroons that the Boy made last year, and probably one other flourless chocolate cake.

Most of the items I can make blindfolded, after so many years of making the same favorite dishes. But the clementine cake looks complicated, and I think that might take some time to make.

The weird thing is, I usually look so forward to Pesach and this year I just don't. It's not the work involved, although that can be overwhelming. It's that with the stuff going on at my friend's house, there is such a pall over everything. It's hard to be enthusiastic when things are so horrible for her right now. And of course, after last year's fiasco due to the same issue, I'm nervous that there might be some trouble with her family members. It's all a bit nervewracking.

Meanwhile, the norovirus is spreading throughout the city, everyone I talk to has a sinus infection, it's raining again, and my laundry was hanging out so I had to haul it all back in and let it dry on the racks. I really love not using the dryer (it's been over 2 years now!) but the weather foils my plans sometimes. Ah well, at least we have racks inside for bad weather.

I will admit that I am not really looking forward to kashering the kitchen stuff. It's such a PITA and every year I swear I'm going to use paper plates and plastic silverware, and then I chicken out. This could be the year, though. It really could be.

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