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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is there any appropriate punishment?

Bernie Madoff is going to jail. That's a given. But is that enough punishment for this man who stole 50 BILLION dollars of money, much of it from charities that help people all over the world. 11 felony counts, a 150 year sentence, and the money is all gone. Where is the money? Where?

His sentencing months from now will determine where he goes to jail. My guess is that he'll be incarcerated at some white collar fed prison where you barely know you're in jail at all. But I don't think that's fair. I'd like to see him in Attica, where he would be treated with the same amount of "respect" with which he treated his former clients, the ones he robbed blind.

Part of what makes me so angry about Bernie is that, as a Jew, he went after and then stole from mostly Jewish clients. The people of Palm Beach who invested with Bernie were, for the most part, the wealthy Jews that were not part of the main Palm Beach society because it's restricted. The charities that he stole from were almost all Jewish charities, organizations that helped Holocaust survivors as well as other Jewish agencies. This is about an un-Jewish as one can get. To steal is bad enough, but to do it purposely from your own people... despicable.

It is my belief that his entire family was deeply involved in this fraud. His wife was his bookeeper, his sons were part of his business, and I think that they all should be prosecuted. I'd like to see every single item in all 4 of Bernie Madoff's homes sold, all his real estate taken from his wife and sold as well, and all of the proceeds given to the people whose lives were so severely damaged by his asshole.

I'd like to see the US Government make every effort to chase Madoff's money around the world where it is stuffed in safe deposit boxes and Swiss bank accounts. Some of the money still exists, and we all know that Bernie hid it around the world, mostly in countries with no extradition, like Brazil.

It will take generations for the Jewish charities and social organizations to regain the money that was stolen by Madoff. Every penny that he took was destined to help out the Jewish people of Cuba, Argentina, Russia, Germany, Poland, and other communities where being Jewish means poverty, unemployment, old age, and illness. Madoff took away parochial school education and camp involvement for poor Jewish children. He stole trips to Israel for college kids. He stole food pantries, college scholarships, financial help, elderly housing and b'nai mitzvah training. He stole the heart of the Jewish charities and he should rot in the worst prison we can find. San Quenton? A nice cell in Texas, perhaps? Too bad Guantanimo isn't an option.

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Blogger Rhea said...

That is the shame of it. Doing so much damage to the Jewish community.

12/3/09 9:57 PM  

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