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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just wow!

I have had the most amazing outpouring of emails, DMs on twitter, and comments. We're all healthy. Nothing to worry about in that category at all. Someone is just having a very heavy personal problem that I won't discuss here. Most of you who have contacted me know what it is, and why I'm so frustrated. For the first time as a parent there is absolutely NOTHING to do to make the situation better. It just has to play out and I hate it.

Otherwise, I got a wicked haircut yesterday. A friend of the Girls, who is in her last term at Blaine, came over yesterday and cut my hair into the most amazing bob. It looks fabulous, it's the perfect cut for my hair, and I look like a different person. even the Boy has commented on how good it looks. It's shorter and stacked in the back, angles longer in the front to a bit below chin length, and has a bit of side parted bangs. I love it. I'm absolutely thrilled.

Thank you all again for being so understanding and supportive. I'm glad that ever person I spoke to today or heard from in email has radified my thinking on our situation. It's been so helpful to hear that the path to change is long, but eventually things will work out.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Again, hugs and good wishes to you. I'm glad the haircut is cheering you up. When the world spins out of control, it's good to feel control over something, even hair.

29/3/09 9:54 AM  
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