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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday: Le Fleur

OK, I admit it right from the get-go. This episode kicked my ass. I got so mixed up between the 3 years forward and backward that I was feeling like I was jumping in time after a while. This was one complicated episode, and I'm still trying to digest it, so excuse me if I say something that really is wrong. Because I am just plain confused.

So we start the episode with Locke down the well and Sawyer holding onto the rope, just as it was a couple of episodes back. Except that behind the well is something we've never ever seen before. A big giant statue with it's back to us. We don't get to see the statue but I bet we can all guess how many toes it has.

Everybody notices that they no longer have headaches, and figure out that the time jumps are probably over. But they have no clue as to where they are in time, although we know that they're in either 1977 or 1974, depending upon when the time is in the episode. See, aren't you already confused?

Horace Goodspeed returns to the show. So we're back with the Dharma project guys and the VW vans are the way I keep identifying where we are in time. Which is kinda sad, but otherwise, I suck at figuring out when we are. Horace is drunk, Horace is married, Horace's new wife Amy, who I will always refer to as Michelle Dressler from 24, is very very pregnant. Which we thought was impossible, but now it seems it is not. Even more confusing. We first see Horace drunk off his ass blowing up trees at the perimeter with the crazy-ass fence. Two guys are watching him, and say that they have to go tell "the Boss" LeFleur. They go to his house, knock on the door, and guess who opens the door? SAWYER. He's LeFluer and he's somehow wormed his way into being the boss of the Dharmas. I have no clue. Honest. NO CLUE.

Sawyer goes with the two guys to get Horace and they bring him back to Michelle Dressler from 24, and she tells "Jim" (Sawyer) that she and Horace had a fight about Paul. Paul turns out to be her first husband who was shot by Juliet and/or Sawyer when they first met Michelle 3 years earlier and OMG my head is about to explode because it is hard to explain all this with those weird time jumps every 10 seconds. I think the big important part of the Paul and Michell Dressler from 24's first sighting is that after Paul is shot Michelle says that they have to bury the other bodies and take Paul back because of the truce. Truce being the keyword. Can't wait to learn more about this.

While they are taking Paul back to the Dharma camp, Sawyer’s big idea is to lie and claim they were shipwrecked on the Island en route to Tahiti to explain how they are suddenly on the Island. Michelle Dressler from 24 brings them to her camp, but Juliet orders everyone to stop when they come to the security perimeter because Juliet thinks it looks like a sonic fence. Gee, I wonder how she knew that? Michelle Dressler from 24 presses some buttons and walks through safely. The survivors follow, but the sonic fence is still active and they pass out. Michelle Dressler from 24, of course, had ear plugs.

Next time jump we see Michelle Dressler from 24 going into labor and the doctor is clueless about how to do a C-section. Sawyer goes looking for Juliet, who is working undercover as a car mechanic, and she does the section. The baby and mother are both fine (and how is that possible?) and it's a boy. Now we all know that this baby is going to turn out to be someone we know, but who? It's not Ben. And it's someone that was born in 1977, making them be 32 now. And male. Any suggestions? Maybe Miles?

When we move back to '74, the Dharma are discussing what to do about the new folks that turned up with Michelle Dressler from 24. Horace interviews Sawyer and tells him that they're putting them all onto the submarine and will ship them off to Tahiti where they can find their way home. Sawyer's story is that they were on a trawler that was searching for a ship called The Black Rock when they got washed ashore. That was pretty brilliant of Sawyer. Who knew he was learning Island history in his spare time?

Then Sawyer is brought outside to hang with Daniel, Miles, Juliet, and Jin, but then some alarm rings and everyone goes beserk and they shove the Losties into a house to protect them. Richard Alpert shows up, plants his fire stick, and walks through the sonic fence. Apparently the fence isn’t for the Hostiles. I’ll give you one guess what it was probably built for, and it rhymes with Hokey, the Folk Fonster. The Losties are looking out the window at Alpert and saying "oh shit, what do we do now" because he's going to recognize them.

Alpert demands to know what happened to his two men, asking Horace if the truce is over. Sawyer pushes his way out to talk to Alpert. Proving that Alpert doesn’t always know everything, Sawyer asks him about the H-bomb and John Locke, which sufficiently convinces Alpert that his men weren’t killed by a Dharma. But he still needs something, so Sawyer agrees to give him Paul’s dead body. Amy agrees, but only after taking his wooden ankh necklace. That necklace, btw, was a PERFECT hat tip to the 70's, when everyone and their brother had one.

That night, Sawyer meets Juliet and tells her he wants her to stay for another two weeks so they can find their friends. Sawyer only asks for two weeks, and she agrees.

And we move back to 1977. Sawyer walks home from work and picks up a flower. He goes inside where Juliet has made supper. They share a kiss, and it looks like they’re living the happy domesticated life. This makes me kinda sad because we know that he's never really loved Juliet the way he loved Kate, and Juliet was Jack's best bet. But they seem genuinely happy after 3 years together playing Dharma Bums (sorry, couldn't help it).

Sawyer pays a visit to Horace to inform him he’s a proud papa. Horace explains the fight was about Paul’s necklace and Horace’s insecurity about whether Amy can really be over him even though he’s only been dead for three years. Oh really? How about the fact that sometime in the early 1970s (so less than seven years ago), Horace was married to a woman named Olivia. And this brings up the question of why these people pair up and marry each other all the time. I think that marriage might have something to do with the Dharma rules of conduct, since it seems to be so important.

Anyhow, since it's been three years that Sawyer has been away from Kate, he understands and says that three years is more than enough time to get over someone, especially if they’re never coming back.

That theory is instantly destroyed early the next morning when Jin calls Sawyer, who is still in bed with Juliet, to tell him about what he found at the lagoon. Sawyer drives off (conveniently not telling Juliet about the discovery) and he sees Hurley, Jack and Kate come out of Jin’s Dharma van.

And that was the episode as best I can remember it. Really, I'm sure I left out a few years or something, but hell, my brain is fried. Maybe it's good we have a week off so we can recap this episode a few times over.

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Blogger Jendeis said...

Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you here. Feel free to pass it along or not as you wish. Just wanted to show the love. :)

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