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Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday --Namaste

Well, this was quite the relaxing episode of LOST. I don't think my heart beat increased the entire hour, which has to be a first. Mostly we got 'fill-ins', a bunch of transitions to move the story along and fill in the blanks, as well as introducing a bunch of new characters. Because we don't have enough characters to wonder about as it is.

Let's start off with the title, Namaste. This is a common greeting in India, and means "I see the light within you." For all you youngsters out there that don't remember the 70's, it was also a pretty common greeting amongst hippies like me. So we're looking for greetings, which we see a lot of as our beloved Oceanic 6 folks are brought into the Dharma fold, but also we're meeting a lot of characters for the first time.

We start out back on flight Ajira 316. The plane undergoes some turbulence and Lapidus the pilot isn’t happy with what he knows is about to happen. Things get rough and there’s a giant flash of white light. Once the light is gone, we’re still on the plane with Lapidus, only it’s magically gone from night to day and he’s about to crash into the Island. Lapidus does some fancy flying and manages to land the plane on the “runway” on the secondary island. The crash knocks him out, and when he comes to, his co-pilot is dead.

Lapidus heads to the back and sees that, for some reason, Sun is the only one of the Oceanic 6 still aboard. Ben appears and says they’re 'gone', and when Lapidus asks how, the response is, “How would I know?” Oh Ben, always with the lies. You gotta love those evil blue eyes!

OKIE Dokie! So catching up with the last scene of Le Fleur, we see Sawyer reconnecting with Jack, Hurley and Kate, and everything’s happy until he tries to explain why he’s in a DHARMA jumpsuit. “It’s 1977,” he tells them. “Uh, what?” stutters poor Hurley. And then Sawyer has to explain, which he can't, and so he decided to bring them in as last minute passengers on the incoming sub. Which is a great plan, especially when he arranges for Jack to be a "Workman." Just a little bit of revenge, Sawyer?

When Jin hears from Sawyer that Sun was on the plane, he speeds off to the Flame to check with Radzinsky. Here’s a quick reminder for any LOST fans who don’t remember all the backstory: the Flame is the communications center on a farm where Locke and others met Mikhail, aka Patchy. Radzinsky was Kelvin Joe Inman’s partner in the Swan Station before killing himself.

At the Flame, Radzinsky is building a model of a geodesic dome. More 70's references, because the geodesic dome was the really in-cool building of that time period. Jin asks if there have been any plane sightings. Radsinsky, always the rude jerk, makes a bunch of sarcastic remarks but Jin is insistant, and gets Radzinsky to check in with the other stations. They all report back negative on the plane sightings, but then a blip on the radar suggests a Hostile has entered the perimeter.

Jin runs after it, hoping that the “Hostile” is his wife. It’s not, it's Sayid instead. Because let's recall, Sun is 30 years forward and on the beach with Ben and Lapidus and the rest of the new plane survivors. Sayid is happy to see Jin, but less so when Radzinsky arrives and points his gun at him, forcing Jin to go along with the assumption that Sayid is a Hostile.

Back at Dharmaville, Sawyer comes back after leaving Hurley, Jack and Kate right where he found them, tells Juliet about who he found. They’re both stumped about how it happened, but the submarine is bringing in some new recruits, the perfect cover. Juliet jumps into action and sneaks off to get the manifest so she can add our buddies to the list. Amy, who is the keeper of the manifest, is sleeping in the hammock with her brand new baby beside her. And guess what she's named the baby? ETHAN. Ethan Rom. It's our creepy old friend and cousin of the even creepier Tom Cruise. Ugh. Anyhow, Juliet gets the manifest, puts our brand new Dharma recruits on it, and then Sawyer goes back to pick them up and inform then about the plan.

On the way back to Dharmaville, Sawyer mentions Daniel Faraday and Jack asks if he's there, and Sawyer says "not anymore." Now that can't be good. What happened to Daniel? Is he dead? Did he go back on a submarine and is now doing his experiments in Oxford? How did he get off the island? And how much influence does he have over future time travel. Oh, and if isn't 1977, when he goes back to England, how old is he, and where is his mother and how old is she? Confusing, isn't it?

When they arrive at Dharmaville, Sawyer puts some leis on his friends and tells them to play along with the initiation to get their work assignments. Jack, Kate and Hurley go through DHARMA processing. Jack is interviewed by Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle. Kate isn’t initially on creepy intake guy Phil’s list, but Juliet comes in to save her with a new, fake list. Later they all smile and pose for an orientation group photo, a photo which proves to be important a bit later on in the show.

Miles drives up to Dharmaville and Mile is clearly not a very good actor because he can’t stop staring at the Oceanic 6 guys. Sawyer gives him 'the look' and Miles tells Sawyer that there’s a Hostile who’s been captured. Sawyer is pissed when he finds out that Sayid is the Hostile. The return of the Oceanic 6 seems to be putting a major crimp in his nice, easy life he and Juliet have carved out for themselves the past 3 years. I don't blame him for being a bit put out. He's got it made in the shade as the head of security and living with Juliet, and now these bozos suddenly reappear to shake everything up. He does have a point!

Sawyer heads to the Flame where Radzinsky wants to shoot Sayid because he thinks he’s a spy who saw the model of the Swan and where they plan on building it. Oh boy, he saw a geodesic dome made of toothpicks. That's really top secret information, Radzinsky.

In the holding room, Jim LaFleur, aka Sawyer, head of security, "interrogates" Sayid and coerces him into admitting that he’s a Hostile, which allows Sawyer to take him back to the barracks as part of the Truce.

He takes the prisoner back to Dharmaville and brings him downstairs under Ben's old house, and locks him up in the cell, leaving him for another day. Sawyer goes home to read a book, and Jack stops by to ask what the plan is with Sayid. Juliet answers the door and Jack finally clues in that Sawyer and Juliet are living together. The plot thickens! The two men get into a heated discussion about leadership skills, and while Jack acted impulsively and got a lot of people killed, Sawyer likes to read a book every night like Winston Churchill did and think. Sawyer mentions thinking a lot, giving Jack the clue that his impulsive actions did damage to the original Losties, while with thinking and planning, they've remained safe. Good job, Sawyer?

Back at the prison, a little boy walks over to give Sayid a sandwich. The little boy with the big glasses is none other than Benjamin Linus, age 10ish. Of course this means this whole time Ben has known exactly who all these people are? Now does this make ANY sense at all. ANY SENSE? I know Ben has always been one step ahead of the Losties, but 30 years ahead? I just do not know.

The Present, the Beach: Caesar and Ilana are the new Jack and Kate, taking control of the situation. Lapidus tries to calm everyone down, but Caesar wants to look through the buildings and the cages. Buildings and cages? They're on the little island. Which means that Ben, Lapidus, and Sun, the only ones of our Losties with this group, have to get to the Big Island across the bay. Now, if they get to the Big Island, is it going to be 1977 there? And if it isn't, how are they going to get back 30 years? Again, does any of this make sense?

So Ben lurks off into the jungle as only he can, and Sun follows him. When she catches up to him, he says that he’s going back to “our Island” and asks if Sun would like to come with him. She goes along with it in hopes that Jin is on the main island. Lapidus catches up to them and they go for one of the three canoes. He begs her not to trust Ben and gets into a debate with Ben. Sun sneaks up behind him with an oar and whacks Ben over the head. Yes!

Lapidus thought she trusted him, but she responds, “I lied.” She has turned really badass during the 3 year break, and I'm liking it a lot. I wonder how Jin is going to react to this new Sun. No more submissive Korean wife walking a couple of steps behind him. Heh.

Sun and Lapidus take the boat back to the main island and head to the barracks. They’re abandoned and the two hear whispers and Smokey all around them. A light goes on in one house, and out walks...Christian Shephard. Sun asks where Jin is, and he tells her to follow him.

Let’s put the pause button on. Sun was off the Island for three years and yet not once did she ever see a photo of Jack’s dad? I find that a little hard to believe, but I suppose plot holes are a moot point in a show with time travel, a Black Smoke Monster and four-toed statues.

Inside the house, Christian takes down a photo from 1977. It’s the DHARMA orientation group photo and Sun sees all her friends in it. Christian tells her she has a long journey ahead. No kidding... she has to travel back in time 30 years and then fit in to the Dharma group in order to be back with Jin. Or, conversely, he has to travel forward in time 30 years. And the big question remains. When they get back together, will they speak English or Korean?

From the previews for next week's show, it looks like all hell breaks loose and the beginning of the war ensues. Or at least something like that. Because I'm going to admit that the more I watch this show, the more confused I get. Remember those innocent times during Season 1 when we all thought we had the show figured out? It was all about zombies or purgatory or something like that? Heh. We were so clueless. I'm not even sure if it's a show about time travel, or that is just a plot device to keep us rivited to our chairs. All I know is, I can't stop watching this damn addictive show. And I love every minute of it!

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Blogger Sarah Eliza said...

Wasn't it Juliet who tampered with the paperwork? I figured that she just gave the newcomers the most unobtrusive jobs possible, and not so much Sawyer going after Jack... This should be interesting now though, because Jack will probably be working with Ben's worthless drunkard father... I'm really curious where Faraday has ended up too -- you're right, the what-ifs to his storyline get complicated FAST. One thing I'm confused about -- when did Pierre Chang go by Dr. Marvin Candle? Was that in the videos? I don't remember that he used different names... it definitely seems odd that he would though.

Ah, the ever-thickening plot... :P

19/3/09 12:30 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Dr Marvin Candle was the name Chang used in the very first video we saw, back when Locke viewed it. His name has changed with different videos since then.

19/3/09 1:11 PM  
Blogger pjamarama said...

blimey, i can't wait to watch this on sunday (i'm in uk so we're a few days behind), I knew it wouldn't get more simple towards the end but sun and jin 30 years apart...phew!

19/3/09 4:19 PM  

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