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Monday, March 30, 2009

MCAS is such a waste of time

Tomorrow the lower grades will have to begin taking the standardized test in MA known as MCAS. Kids in grades 11-12 don't have to take it if they have passed it. Because it totally screws up the school schedules for weeks at a time, both kids will be home. The Boy only has Wellness and the Girl has studyhall. That's freaking it for the day.

Now, I know that the school can't plan for every contingency, but they count these days as part of our 180 days of the school year. And I think they are being rooked. They don't have anything to really do in school, so I told them that if they were going to stay home, they would be enjoying a nice morning at the JCC gym where we would use the track, the gym and hopefully the pool if there isn't a class going on. The Girl, who loves the gym, is psyched. The Boy looked at me like I have going absolutely bonkers. He's not all that into being a part of any gym.

I'm hoping that they have an extra pilates class going on. I kind of like doing the stretching exercises although that damn ball... it's evil.

After we hit the gym, if they are nice and cooperative I told them I would take them on a bit of a surprise. We haven't been to the MFA in a while and both kids love going, so I think I'll take them for an afternoon of culcha.

Now it's back to Insomniac Theatre, which starts with Letterman, then goes on to Craig, then some PBS, and the ABC all night news. I usually fall asleep by the time our local news comes on at 5. I used to hate being up all night, but recently I've found it incredibly calming. Sometimes I go out for a little walk around the house with the cats. It's just so peaceful here at night with no lights and no traffic and absolutely no noise other than an occasional rustle in the woods. It's either the foxes, the rabbits, or the deer we recently saw here. Deer! I can't figure out just how they got up the hill unless they were grazing on the front lawn. So cool!

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Blogger sarah said...

So jealous you can go to the MFA for some culcha (hilarious!) I am from NH originally and that was my favorite place on earth for years (apparently when I was a little girl, I tried to walk into that massive painting by John Singer Sargent of the the Daughters of Edward Darley Boit--I wanted to play with the littlest girl's doll).

30/3/09 11:46 PM  

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