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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Open for Questions

Have you been following the whitehouse.gov web site carefully? If so, you might have noticed a new feature just announced that allows you to ask questions that Obama might answer every Thursday in a new video he's going to do. The feature is called Open for Questions and it's really quite a time suck if you have an interest in what people around the country are feeling and pondering. But I have a few comments before you post there.

First, ask a question. So many of the posts are diatribes that really can't be responded to. If you want to know something, ask. Don't just pontificate.

Second, if you have a question, spend a couple of seconds proofreading your post to ensure that you don't look like a moron. Use proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. You're talking to the leader of the free world, how about dropping the IM-speak for a few seconds.

Third, flaming the President isn't going to help anyone or anything. You don't like him? Fine. But this is a public forum for questions about getting the country back on track, not on your personal woes and problems. Find another way to insult the guy.

Fourth, try, just TRY to learn something about your subject before you go posting nonsense. A lot of the questions look like Chicken Liver's moronic groupies asked them. I mean DUMB. There are enough different categories of questions that you can probably find something to ask. But know the topic. Don't just post off the top of your head, because other people are voting on your question and will shoot you down as fast as you can spit.

With those caveats in mind, go forth and ask the questions that have been bugging you. I think this is an amazing opportunity to get your thoughts heard and your questions answered. The transparency that this government has already put forth has made me extremely happy. I hope you all take advantage of this site.

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