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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The short straw...again

We're back from an exciting trip to the dentist. It's the 6th month checkup, and both kids walk in totally confident that they're going to have their teeth cleaned and be out the door in 20 minutes flat. It's always been that way, and why should today be any different?

But I have a feeling. Not a good feeling, either. The Boy does not brush his teeth. No matter if I beg, scream, bargain, or say nothing, the result is always the same. His teeth remain unbrushed and a rather vivid shade of green. His gums are always swollen and puffy. And he's never had a cavity. Even the hygienist, the same one we've been going to since he was 10, can't believe he still won't brush his teeth even after all the admonishments by the dentist as well as her own. I've tried to shame him, I've tried to reward him, I've tried everything. Again, 6'3" and 210 lbs. I cannot drag him into the bathroom and brush them for him like I did when he was younger. At some point it's his problem and no longer mine. But there aren't any consequences for him. Not one stinking cavity. I almost begged the hygienist to find one so he would start brushing, but nope. The mouth is still cavity clear. How unfair is that?

The Girl does brush her teeth, although there are days when she doesn't use toothpaste, but she brushes and flosses occasionally and her teeth never look gross. They're white and shiny and look as if she takes care of them, which she does. However, she also loves all the kinds of candy that are terrible for teeth. Gummies, lollypops, fruit lifesavers, sucking candy, and anything sticky and fruit flavored. She's big into sticky candy. I've told her for years that she needs to brush the sticky candy out of her teeth if she's going to insist on eating that stuff. I don't buy it for her ever. I think it's gross and she's earned enough money to buy whatever she likes despite my telling her how bad it is for her. She's almost an adult and she often makes poor choices, just like adults do. She knows the consequences, but until today they weren't real. Now they are.

She has 4 cavities. All are small, 2 are in one tooth, and they are almost all in between her teeth, right where the sticky candy likes to breed germs and decay. Ahem.

Poor Girl was in shock. She has cavities for the first time. And a lot of them. Plus, she's totally paranoid about putting amalgam in her mouth and was so upset about the cavities I thought she would cry right in the office. We checked with the billing person and found that our insurance would pay for white fillings, which is what she wants, but the hygienist told her right up front that if she's going to eat sticky candy, the white fillings would fall out and she would have to get them done again, and insurance wouldn't pay for that. She says she understands, but I'm going to have to be super vigilant about her buying sticky and gummy candy. Which she loves with all her heart. Ugh.

So the score is: Boy 0 vs Girl 4.

How much does that suck? It's so unfair that he does absolutely nothing to protect his teeth and he comes out smelling like a rose, and she brushes and flosses and gets 4 cavities. She's getting rooked. And Mr Puffy gums will continue to refuse to brush his teeth until there is a consequence, and that consequence is going to be severe gingivitis. He has no clue, that one.

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Blogger ThePeterson6 said...

Yay for the Boy, no cavities! Regardless, I would be happy with the fact that he skipped it once again. It sucks for The Girl, and no candy is going to be hard for a teenager. Good luck with that one!

11/3/09 2:43 PM  

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