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Thursday, March 26, 2009

So silly this morning

Most mornings the Girl wakes up bright and chipper and is all sunny unicorns and rainbows. Before she leaves she always wakes me up so that I can attempt to wake up the Boy, which can be anything from slightly irritating to painfully annoying. The kid sleeps the sleep of the dead, no alarm clock can penetrate his slumber and literally the only thing that works is screaming at top volume until he can't take it anymore and opens an eye. Of course that doesn't mean he actually gets up.... no, he's going to go back to sleep countless times until I've woken him so many times that he just gives up. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours or more. Once a friend of mine came over and he was out cold and I bet her she couldn't get him up. She went into this dance of crazy yelling and pounding the floor and hitting the wall and lo and behold, it only took about 10 minutes because she was WAY louder than I am. And she has lots of experience because both her teens sleep like that!

Once he's up though, he can be grumpy or he can be funny. Much of the time he takes a bit of time to build up to his sense of humor, which is rich, but this morning he was on a roll. Or I was. Or we both were. I'm not sure. But I was on twitter checking my DMs from a friend who is dealing with severe illness in her family, and so I twitted each exchange.

We were like a comedy partnership, totally cracking each other up. How can you not laugh with a kid that forgets he needs two socks? He's so freaking funny.

This afternoon he was using his Macy's gift card to buy something. We don't shop at Macy's. In fact, they redid our Macy's a year or so ago and I've never set foot in it to check out the new digs. It's just not on my radar even though it's right down the street.

He's looking at the stuff on sale (that's my boy!) and everything is too high priced for his gift card plus shipping. I tell him that I'll take him there so he can avoid shipping charges and he's not interested. "I don't want people to know I shop in Macy's" he says. Why? Because they think he's so cool since I bought him a bunch of t-shirts online that nobody else has. He said he has a reputation to uphold. Macy's could ruin him.

OK. I didn't realize that Macy's was that totally uncool. But now I know. So after he looked at Macy's and found something he was willing to wear (I have no clue as to what he picked out) we went onto some of the t-shirt sites I like for the kids. We're cracking up at some of the shirts, and he says, "Mom, you gotta get some of those for this summer. Your t'shirts are so boring. How many Red Sox shirts can one person own, anyhow?" UM, I've been disses for my fan wardrobe by my son. The kid that used to steal my t-shirts before they became too small and short for him.

I guess I have to take him shopping. Because like his shoes, he can't find his clothes either. He does his own laundry and has for years, so I have no clue as to where his clothes are. But I'm betting they are either on his floor or in the closet.

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Blogger Daisy said...

He dissed your fan wardrobe? That's living dangerously. It would be like my family dissing my Green Bay Packer collection. Not a good idea...

26/3/09 7:13 PM  

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