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Monday, March 02, 2009

So sorry, Mr Fedex

Our snowfall was rather overdone last night. We are now dealing with a lot of snow. Like 11" of snow that nobody wanted and nobody wants to deal with. Including, of course, our plow guy. That jerk has outdone himself. He came at around 4:30 this morning and did the driveway, but it was still snowing steadily for another couple of hours, and that makes our driveway impassable.

I know! This has been my constant refrain of the winter. We are snowed in again. AGAIN. Because we are at the mercy of my cheap ass landlady who has hired some mystery guy to plow, and this guy is unbelievably irresponsible. I think he must be some relative of hers, because he only comes at night, and does not give a damn if the 4 families that share the driveway can get in and out. Which means that nobody can get to work, to the doctors office, or anywhere else. Our 1/4 mile long driveway, which goes straight up hill, is impassable.

I've bitched about this to my landlady, who has basically told me to shut the hell up and stop bitching. I keep telling her that this is dangerous, that if I need an ambulance they cannot get through. If we had a fire, the fire engines can't get up the hill. It isn't safe. Her response remains the same. "Give me my money and shut up about the driveway or anything else that needs to be fixed."

The Fedex guy got stuck down at the bottom of the driveway this morning. He tried to get up the drive to deliver a package. He had to walk up the entire hill to get the package to it's recipient. He was swearing the whole time. He was pissed. And I don't blame him. I took pictures of his truck stuck on the hill and sent them to my landlady with a 'reminder' to please have the driveway plowed so we could get in and out safely. She won't do a thing, despite the fact that now my neighbor is complaining as well. They can't get to work, and are starting to worry about their jobs.

I'll bet anything that nothing changes. I honestly do not understand why a person believes it is ok to collect very high market rate rents and do absolutely NO repairs around the property. It makes no sense to me to allow your million dollar property fall into such disrepair. The only thing I can say is, once we move out, and hopefully we will soon, she is going to have to redo the unit because everyone else in the city has renovated kitchens and bathrooms and she's never going to get good rent until she does at least that. Which she won't, because she's so cheap.

I love where we live, especially having all this land. But as I watch the property fall apart from a complete lack of repairs and upkeep, I am realizing how much that depresses me. I'm tired of living in a state of disrepair. I'm even more tired of asking for repairs that will never get done. I'm not asking for anything fancy, but when paint from the ceiling is falling in chunks all over your house, shouldn't the landlord WANT to fix this?

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