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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

State Government has apparently died

Yesterday I tried for hours and hours to get someone, anyone to answer a phone at the Mass Department of Housing and Community Development. I called many times, and the phone just rang and rang. After a while I got kind of curious as to why an entire state office seemed to just not answer phones, so I called the main number at the state house and was told that yesterday was a holiday. Evacuation Day. A holiday ONLY celebrated in Suffolk County, the county that Boston happens to be located in.

We're in such a financial crisis in this state that we can't fix a damn pothole and we give an entire government office the day off?

Anyhow, I tried calling again today. The phone rang and rang and rang. Hundreds of times. No voicemail. No answering machine. Just a ringing phone. I thought maybe I had the wrong number. I went back to the web site and checked. Nope, right number all right. So then I thought maybe I'd try to get through by using a name on the web site. But the only name on the web site is the director, and his number doesn't exist. Interesting!

I got an alternate number from HUD and that one had voice mail with one of those directory things where you punch in the first 4 letters of a last name. Except... no last name. So I tried the last name of the director that was on the web site, and nope, he doesn't seem to be recognized as existing. WTF? OK, maybe he quit or he was laid off. Who knows in this economy? So I tried the old push zero for the operator trick, and ring ring ring ring ring...banana phone.

So I called the State House again. They have me an alternate number. Guess what? It rang and rang and rang, too!

I don't do a lot of business with the state. In fact, I don't think I've ever even tried to reach an department office before, but I'm sorry, this is insane. It's a state office. They can't afford a freaking answering machine? Voice Mail? Never mind that nobody seems to work at this entire department. Two full days of calling and not one person answers the phone.

How sad is that?

I try one last time before I down some tylenol for the incredible headache I've got, and what do you know. The voicemail is working! Who would have thunk it? I punch in zero for the operator and someone actually answered the phone! And told me who I wanted to talk to. She even transferred me to the right extension and gave me the phone number, just in case we got disconnected. I was all, YAHOO....

And then I got voicemail. Again. The person I'm trying to reach was not there. But at least I got to leave a message this time. Which is cool. Right? RIGHT?

That was the longest three freaking hours of my life.

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Blogger Wide Lawns said...

Ok, but look. At least Lost is on tonight, right?

18/3/09 5:41 PM  
Blogger Flutterby said...

Getting to finally leave a message is cool. I seriously hope the shock if they actually call back isn't too much for you!

18/3/09 8:37 PM  
Blogger Sarah Eliza said...

Wow. That sounds... incredibly frustrating...

19/3/09 12:31 PM  

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