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Saturday, March 07, 2009

That lottery dreamhouse

As we all get poorer and poorer, a common topic of converstation seems to revolve around the big lottery payoffs. Not that I play the lottery, I don't think I've bought a ticket in at least 10 years, but I often dream of how I would use the money if I won a big lottery payoff. And not unlike so many of us, I dream of the perfect house. The house that would work for my family. The house that would seem not only like home, but like a vacation every day of my life.

I don't love huge mansions. I think they are delightful for other people, but I don't really get the wasted space, the 19 toilets that have to be cleaned, and the rooms that really have no use other than to gather dust. Me, I'm definately an under 5000 sq foot maven. I like a more cozy environment, but one with space for everyone's privacy.

I'd love a house that looks like one of those Nantucket or the Hamptons, with gray shingles and dark green trim. A house right on the ocean with a long sweeping lawn and plenty of sunshine for both flower and kitchen gardens. I'm much more interested in the outside than the inside of a home. I'd love to have a nice big barn so I could keep some animals like sheep, goats, chickens, and maybe a horse. And of course, lots of dogs and cats.

Also on the property would be a swimming pool and spa to be used all year round, as well as an outdoor kitchen with fridge, barbeque and a fire pit to sit around. A patio with a nice seating arrangement, and a screened porch for eating bug free would complete my perfect outdoor setting.

Inside the most important room would be the kitchen. I read about a bazillion shelter magazines and web sites, and I've got my kitchen down pat. I know just what I like and just what I don't. As a person that loves to cook but hates to clean, I want plain birch cabinets, light wood with no trim at all. Plain stainless steel pulls, too. Both are exceptionally easy to clean and don't collect greasy dirty in the corners. I hate that! Although I think cabinets that look like furniture are gorgeous, they would get dirty too easily, and I'm not up for scrubbing kitchen cabinets with a q-tip.

I love the look of granite countertops, but I'd choose something more earth friendly, like a concrete countertop with pieces of sea glass mixed throughout. Both sturdy, easy to clean, and beautiful, I really like that look. Backsplashes and wall tiles would be glazed white subway tiles.

Wolf 8 burner stove with two ovens, two Subzero refrigerators, and a refrigerator drawer as well. I'd have two stainless dishwashers, the really quiet ones. A convection wall oven for baking, and a built in microwave as well. One stand-alone Subzero freezer. A trash compactor, and a small wine fridge, both undercounter.

Two islands, one just for baking with a marble inset for rolling out piecrusts and doughs, and another wooden butcherblock for cutting. Unlike most folks, I'm not a fan of the stools pulled up to the island. I'd rather it be a workspace. But then off to the side of the kitchen workspace, a table and chairs for casual dining, and some comfy arm chairs to keep guests comfortable whilst I cook.

I'd like a fairly formal living room without a television in it, that would be for entertaining, and for peaceful reading and chatting. Of course it would have a fireplace.

Also a formal dining room for holiday dinners and dinner parties. The dining room would have built in china cabinets to display my collections of royal china and blue and white Canton.

We would also have a family room, with all the media in there. Very comfortable furniture where you can put your feet up and watch a movie or listen to music. I'd like it to be part library, with a large floor to ceiling wall of books. And enough shelves to not only house our existing books, but future books as well. In the family room I'd put in three large carals for computers so that each person had their own office space for homework and private work, and could be supervised to ensure that what they're doing is OK with me.

I'd like four bedrooms, one for each of us, and one for guests. We don't ever have a plethora of house guests, but if we lived on the ocean I'd bet more guests would descend, so I'd like the guest room to be able to sleep a small family. I'd make it into a suite with a small sunporch that would have a pull out sofa and bunkbeds for a couple of kids. The main room would be a king sized bed for adults. Then the kids could be put to bed at a different time than the adults.

Each of the bedrooms would be en-suite with large builtins in the closets, and full bathrooms. I'd like my bathroom to contain a large soaking tub that would look out onto the grounds, and a steam/rain shower with a seat that would enable me to take long steam baths to help my breathing in winter. Bathroom would have sea glass blue and green glass time trim and would be tiled in white subway tile. I want the toto "warm your bum, cleaning" toilet. That thing is amazing.

In the bedroom wing I want a full laundry room with two front-loading washers and two dryers. One for me and one for everyone else. I am SO tired of sharing a washer that always has someone else's clothes moldering in it. I want my own.

A full finished basement that the kids could use for band practice, crafts, and whatever else they want, as well as a lot of storage. In one part of the basement would be a crafts room with shelves for fabric and yarns, as well as all our scrapbooking supplies.

And I'd like a 3-car heated garage so we could all put our respecive imaginary cars away all winter long. In the corner of the garage would be a lot of shelving for tools, garbage cans, and a recycling station.

That's pretty much it. Nothing completely untoward or silly. A basic compact space that would comfortable contain our family in the style which we would love to be accustomed. Rooms that have actual uses, definate gathering areas for the family and for entertaining. And storage to keep all the stuff we accumulate out of sight but still organized. Wood flooring throughout, and in each room a nice burst of color, but that remains within a color scheme for the entire house.

Now I guess I have to start buying those lottery tickets, huh? Ugh, what a waste of money!

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Blogger Rhea said...

I love fantasizing about stuff like this. I used to buy lottery tix. I won the daily number three times: $1,200, $100, $100.

8/3/09 9:29 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Now you've got me coveting your imaginary kitchen! I love the idea of concrete counters with sea glass in them. Sounds gorgeous!

8/3/09 2:10 PM  

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