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Monday, March 09, 2009

Why are Mondays always so frustrating

In my world, all the business that I was supposed to get done last week gets relegated to Monday. Monday, as in the day nobody wants to be at work. Monday as in the day that it always seems to snow. Monday as in the day where everyone is in a bad mood and doesn't seem able to solve my problems.

I loathe Monday.

Today I had a bunch of phone calls to make. You would think that would be easy to accomplish, but then again I haven't said what kind of phone calls. Phone calls to various health insurance companies to deal with my freaking prescription as well as phone calls to the kid's health insurance company to deal with the 7 totally conflicting letters I have gotten from them in the past week.

To solve my problem I had to talk to CVS pharmacists, then explain for the bazillionth time to the one that speaks almost no English that my doctor is ONLY available on Thursdays, but the other doctor's in the practice can deal with the prescription. This went right over her head. She just did not get it. So I called my doctor's office and left a message for the nurses to PLEASE call me back. Of course, they did not call me back and now I am totally and completely out of Effexor and am starting to go into withdrawal. No matter how many times I told them that this is a addicting medication, nobody lit a fire under their asses. What a shock! I finally gave up and called the insurance company and explained that my doctor's office hasn't called me back and I freaking NEED the meds or I'm going to end up in the hospital which is going to cost them a small fortune, and the CS rep is checking to see what they can do for me. Aaarrrggghhhh!

To solve the kid's insurance problem I had to sit on hold for close to an hour only to get the recording as to how they are too busy and they will call me back when they can. Which means when hell freezes over. They NEVER ever call back. Last time they promised to call back, I called the Governor's office and left a huge rant after I waited days and days. Then they called back. But not before.

I had to plan a big meeting and that meant phoning a bunch of people and seeing if they could make the date. Some can, some can't, but I don't even care anymore. If they want the information, they'll show up. I'm giving them 3 weeks notice.

And I'm still on hold.

I also had to call back a friend who is having issues with her daughter. The tighter she pulls in the reigns, the more the kid rebels. But try and tell her that and she's all "I will lock her in the house and not allow her over to anyone's house." which is just about the worst thing she can do right now. The situation calls for her to back off, not get tougher. So that was a fun call, too.

Even after I finally get finished with my insurance co, I have yet another long involved call to make.

Can it be Tuesday already?

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