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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday--Oceanic Six AGAIN, dammit

Hi again. This only a weekly posting thing is totally pissa. I'm loving it. It's going to be hard to get back to blogging again. Which should come some time at the end of the month. Maybe. If I feel like it. What with all the senior class stuff upcoming, I might just wait until June to formally announce, if I ever do. I'm certainly not giving out information for the hate bloggers to grab onto. "OMG, she's coming BACK!!!" Nope, hate to disappoint you but that's not gonna happen. I'm doing everything in my power to keep you from ever gaining access to the new blog. Ever.

Business: I'm going to keep the new blog out of public viewing for a while. Those that I know, who have a real blog address, a real email address, a twitter account, and a way for me to check on who you are if you don't, and who want to read the blog, I need you to email me at margalitc at yahoo dot com with the subject "NEW BLOG INFO". Even if you live around the block, you have to email me so I can add you to the list of readers.

If you are unable to substantiate who you are, or refuse to do so, I won't add you even if your name is Elizabeth Regina and your address is Windsor Castle. If you think I'm not going to check up on you, I will, and I'll do it carefully. I'll read your comments, your twitter threads, and who your friends are. If I see ANY relationship to a troll, sorry, but you'll be getting your entertainment elsewhere. This means that if you follow what I consider a troll on twitter, say goodbye now, because you don't have a chance in hell of following me. I've already culled hundreds of blogs and twitter followers that have links to haters. It won't bother me much to continue plowing through any requests. Believe me. You will not be reading my blog if you think it's OK to be buddies with a hater. Got that?

For everyone else, I don't mean to scare you away. If I know you, if I comment on your blog, if we've had decent interactions online, you're in like flint. I'm going to try to be an inclusive as possible while still keeping out the people that are killing my health with the extra added stress. Once someone threatens to continue stalking me until I kill myself (and yes, that was said publically on blog radio) I have to take matters into my own hands, and the way to do it is to restrict who I'm willing to interact with. Please, even if you're a total lurker that hasn't said boo in years but want to keep reading, send your information. Unless I know you're going to throw me to the wolves, I'm willing to give you a chance.

So, Name, Blog URL, Twitter name, Email (and it has to be a real one that you're going to have to respond to) sent to margalitc at yahoo dot com with the subject "NEW BLOG INFO". If you're unable to comply, email me and we'll have a phone chat. But nobody gets to read the blog without passing through me. Sorry to irk all you trolls. What's fair is fair, though. Heh.

Also, if and when I bring the blog public, if you have come to this blog ANYTIME in the past month from any of what I consider hate blogs (and you know which ones they are), I have your IP address and you are on my banned list. I'm sorry to ruin your fun, but you won't ever be able to comment here, and if I can find a way to block you from reading that I can afford, you'll be banned completely. When I say I want my own peaceful little spot for my blog I mean it. I'm not going looking for trouble, I'm not reading your blogs, I'm not commenting on your blogs, and I want the same respect. Since you folks seem to be unable to give that respect, even when asked repeatedly, I'll have to help you along, just like most mommies do with toddlers. And yes, the analogy is totally accurate. As a recap for your little toddler brains, you come here from a bad place, I ban you. Simple. Easy peasy. Got it? Good!

Now, on to LOST! I will still be posting my LOST recaps, so if you like to read them and come just for them, expect to be allowed in IF you are coming from RIMD and we've exchanged links before. Nobody from there has ever bothered me, so for now, no problems. Just email me and we're good.

Clip shows.

Don't love 'em. Don't hate 'em. They help me to remember stuff that I forgot. But I want some REAL LOST. I'm embarassed to admit it, but I fell asleep about 10 minutes into this clip show. Really. How sad is that? My son said I didn't miss a thing, and from a quick perusal around the internets, I see that I really didn't. So hopefully you'll excuse me for not having a thing to say about LOST other than I had a lovely nap and woke up for the very ending of that new cop show that looked totally lame, especially after Life on Mars.

But next week, the Variables? It looks GOOD, and is possibly going to be a totally Daniel Farraday-centric show, which should fill in a lot of holes. Who wants to bet we'll be even more confused about time travel after a Daniel show?

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