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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday: Whatever Happened, Happened

Another interesting but not particularly heart thumping episode. Every time they fill in a gap, it seems as if the finale grows closer and closer, and I do not like that. Not one bit.

Hurley and Miles were just hilarious tonight. I loved when Hurley asked Miles how come grown up Ben didn't recognize Sayid as the guy who shot him as a child, and Miles was just stumped. The whole conversation was so clever and amusing, quite the refreshing change from the past few humorless episodes. Im my opinion, there is not enough Hurley on this show anymore. We need more Hurley.

Finally learning what happened to Aaron was satisfying because Kate did the right thing, even though it caused her so much pain. Giving him back to his grandmother, a woman who didn't even know he existed, changed Kate from focussing on her own needs to that of Aaron, Claire, and of course, Sawyer.

Loved that Kate became friendly with Clementine's mom Cassidy. Kate needs that kind of a friend, one she can share the real truth of all she's carrying around, including her indecisive feelings about Sawyer. Cassidy helped Kate to resolve some of her more questionable emotions, which was good. I liked Cassidy a lot as a character.

When Roger Linus saw young Ben in the hospital, I think he turned a corner about recognizing how he blames everything on Ben and that it was wrong to treat the kid so badly. When he was talking with Kate after she donated blood for Ben, he seemed to regret his behavior and being able to talk about it opened his heart to his son. But too late! That conversation helped Kate to reflect on her own feelings about abandoning Aaron to his grandmother. I just wonder why she believes that Claire is still alive. Does she know something we don't?

Taking young Ben into Other territory was risky, but Sawyer knew that asking for Richard Alpert would ensure their safety, even though he had to give Ben away forever, which I'm betting is the catalyst for the big upcoming war. With good reason, too. Interesting that Richard said that Ben wouldn't ever remember his background, but we know that isn't true, because he came back to murder Roger and kill the Dharmas. I don't have any theory on how this all happens, though.

When Sawyer told Kate that they never would have worked out as a couple, my heart kinda broke for Kate. She doesn't like Jack as a person, and honestly, who does? And Sawyer is happy with Juliet, who is growing on me.

Jack... what can I say about Jack's behavior when it comes to Ben? Letting a kid die because we've already BTDT? Kinda callous and correct me if I'm wrong, but against the Hippocratic Oath. But that's our Jack.

Speaking of Jack, he's becoming more and more Locke-like. Finding that creepy myself. Like Locke isn't creepy enough, we need a clone of him? Of course, Locke is in a different time frame but still, I think one Monk on the island is enough.

Wow, watching Ben's face when he opened his eyes to find Locke peering over him like a devoted Uncle. Hilarious! This is going to be some fun viewing, watching Locke and Ben vie for power, especially since the Ajira losties know that Ben killed Locke. Of course, they think Locke is nuts right now, but I'm betting they'll eventually get it.

The mention of Ellie and Charles tells us that they're still around on the Island as part of the Others. I think this is going to be very important next week, as we learn about the development of young Ben into Killer Ben.

Lastly, when Richard took young Ben into the jungle and appeared at the temple, which is all covered with vines, and went through the 'secret passage', that was a flash of light, right? And if so, are we assuming that the Ben we saw with Locke is how Richard cured Ben? Was there time travel, and if so, did it just affect Ben and Richard Alpert? Confused minds want to know.

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Blogger jen said...

What if Ben DID recognize Sayid and sandbagged? He clearly has no trouble lying or hiding what he knows.
I do agree that we need more Hurly. He keeps the show sane. Well, as sane as this show can be.
I bet Roger Linus could throw a football over those mountains.

1/4/09 11:49 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Jen, I wondered about that myself. As we know, Ben is the consumate liar, and it's really possible that he did recognize Sayid and has been keeping it to himself. How weird!

2/4/09 12:12 AM  
Blogger ~*Michelle*~ said...

Hello fello Lostie!

This episode confused me, saddened me and made me laugh. What a whirlwind of emotions for one hour!!

My recap is up as well.....and another huge shout out for Hurley!


2/4/09 8:06 AM  
OpenID greenjello said...

I enjoyed the conversation between Miles and Hurley, but I am still confused.

I think when Richard helped young Ben, the older Ben survived. It makes me wonder if the young Ben had died if the older one would have died too. I know, confusing!

2/4/09 8:52 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I found the whole storyline with Kate and Aaron very emotional. And you are right, the whole exchange with Hurley and Miles was great!!! I'm glad they are picking up with Claire again.

Actually, Richard told Sawyer and Kate that Ben would not "remember any of this." That didn't mean he wouldn't remember his background, it just meant he wouldn't remember being shot. This explains Hurley's question about why Ben didn't recognize Sayid.

I am still wondering if they will ever bring Walt back in. He seemed so important at the beginning of the series and then they just dropped that whole storyline.

2/4/09 10:44 AM  

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