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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lost in the past

I'm never one to fall in love with fashion, particularly the second or third time it comes around. I like original stuff, clothing that I grew up. Clothing that isn't a bad copy of something horrible, like the poncho. Good god, it sucked the first time, why bring it back?

But I have an admission. I love the clothing worn in the 1960's. For me, that was the absolute epitome of smart, sleek styles. Clothing that hugged the body in all the right places. Clothes that made women look long and lean just because of good design.

Today, though my secret blog love that I will not share because honestly, she doesn't need anyone to bother her as she prepares for her wedding, I stumbled across this, and died a little bit from the deep and abiding love sighs that exited my mouth. Little groans of "oooooo" and "aaaaaa" as I clicked from photo to photo.

The 1960's. I love that era. The era of my childhood, watching my mom get dressed to go out on the town in her gorgeous haute suits with fur collars and cuffs. Her shirtwaist dresses with full skirts just twirly enough to show off her legs encased in real silk stockings. No nylon panty hose for my mom. There is nothing here I wouldn't proudly wear. Even capri pants. Yikes!

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