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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Taking a posting break

With Passover slamming down upon us, plus I'm dealing with BFF's household tragedy on almost an hourly basis, and then there's the people who have nothing else to do but come here and try and irritate me (but don't know that they are blocked on email and twitter, and have completely WRONG information about me...which has me in hysterics every time I read it), I'm pretty much done with the computer for a while.

I've stopped reading and commenting on your blogs. I'm sorry, but at this point I can't say anything other than it's just not worth the angst. I'm also taking a twitter break, and won't be reading much email. I'm just too busy with real life and real issues to bother with any more of the insanity that is wrought by one fat man with no life other than picking on people on the internet. Eventually he'll find another victim once he can't post or email or twitter about me. Hopefully he'll go on a diet that might help him find his obviously missing penis...with a stomach that big I'm sure he hasn't seen it in years. Ta ta, mein Herr. Get back in your Hitler mobile and bother someone else. You can't get to me. I see you for the sad, lonely, sick man you are.

No comments, no twitters (I've ruthlessly cleaned out my twitter contacts so you possibly were culled if you aren't a friend or an organization I trust.) and if you want to find me by email, I suggest using the alternate address which I will check eventually.

Have a lovely Pesach, and I'll eventually return. Might be in another guise at another place. Who knows?

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