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Friday, January 07, 2011

Aha! Sick, not just crabby.

At 58 I should be able to know the difference between plain old crabbiness and getting sick, but the reality is that I can't. Probably because I'm too crabby for introspection and need to get real physical symptoms. Nobody has described me as a self-realization expert for obvious reasons.

So guess what? I'm sick with the disease that has passed from child to parent all over the world. And like most adults that are sick, I waited until the illness actually felled me and I had to crawl  into bed admitting defeat. I'm awesome when I'm sick.

Because I am sick I did nothing today but sleep and read. Both admirable tasks when one is sick. I continue fighting with me two biggest nemisis's: Bank of America and CVS. Since I'm sick I gave myself a break and did not call them today to scream about there incompetence, but I'll return to harassing them tomorrow.

Graham is also under the weather. He in my thyphoid Mary, drinking out of the carton and spreading his germs.

I have to ask the all important question. Does anyone have some baking soda so I can make some Toll House cookies? Can you drop it by?

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