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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crappy mood, 1 more box unpacked

Unpacking is not going well. Big surprise, huh? We got all of the important stuff unpacked and put away, but then we just got sick if it and pretend that it is normal to sit around with little furniture and many open boxes. The cats love all the boxes. Me, not so much. I've made some progress on all the clothes, but we have no washing machine so everything is dirty. I need to get a new used washing machine and gas dryer. Plus, my closet has no bar to hang anything up and it has wooden blocks to make into shelves, but again, no wood.

We have no sofa in the living room. Graham is using our former sofa as a bed until I can get both he and Gemma new beds and mattresses. But the sofa has long passed its expiration date and we need a new one.

The bathroom is not fully functional as we need a shower curtain. And a plunger.

I've had to replace so much stuff that just disappeared in the move. All our cleaning supplies, stuff to make the kitchen functional like a can opener and vegetable peeler. The glass in our coffee table and sofa table is gone, and quite a few pictures have broken glass as well.

It feels a lot like we are camping out in the city. I wish we had more places to sit down in the living room, but I have some ideas of how to get free furniture, because I sure can't pay for it.

Yesterday I found an online store that carries seconds of All Clad pots and pans. Even with their much cheaper prices, I would need about $800 to replace what is gone. Plus, and this is the real kicker, some kind person or persons ordered me some stuff off my wish list, but it got lost someplace and I can't track it because it was a gift, and they won't track it without a complaint from the purchaser so I'm out a bunch of stuff again. Does that suck or what.

So it seems like 2011 is off to a very rough start when it comes to me.  What a shock!

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