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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decor questions

I am stumped by our bathroom, which is due to the fact that the entire room needs an upgrade. An upgrade that is largely not gonna happen.

It is a good sized roo. with enough space for more than one person to be in there. It has a builder grade vanity, single sink in a molded white vanity top. There is a horrific medicine cabinet that is divided into three separate mirrors. A white two piece toilet and a white tub.

Now here is the hard part. The floors are a green ceramic tile that looks a lot like green slate. Grout is a dark gray. The walls are a yellow based sponge paint faux but homemade that is supposed to look like stucco. Below the painted walls is incredibly cheap beadboard that has not been painted so it looks like oak and it is trimmed with plastic oak trimboard.  Around the top of the walls is a mural-type border in maroon ans stucco colors that is supposed to be Tuscan. It is peeling off around the shower and I'm going to rip it down because it is FUGLY.

What I want is a dark gray and white bathroom with yellow accents. I want to paint the beadboard white with enamel. I want the walls to be a light gray, and to have slate and yellow accents in shower curtain and accessories.

But the floor, the floor she is green. A gray-green, but green. Will that ruin my idea, which is stolen from Sarah on HGTV?

Suggestions, ideas, etc. are welcome.

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