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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Decorations that make me weep

It is rare that I feel deprived. I feel sad and angry about being so poor, but not deprived. I have a nice comfortable home, albeit a complete sty right now. I have plenty to entertain me. two delightfully quirky kids to make me insane, and two fluff balls to cuddle with when they let me. Deprivation rarely enters my head.

But the I stumble on a web site that has the cutest decorating stuff ever and I just WANT it. I know I'll never have it, but damn... this stuff is cute.
Not the guy. He's cute, but look at that Boston Terrior. To die for!

This clock just screams my name. I think it should go right over my vast collection of royal memorabelia, which I plan to display once I find a display case the cats can't get into.
These polar bears are so cute. I wish I had a bright red sofa to put them one. But I don't So I can dream, right?

This pair of pillows should be in my house. They go with my black cats I have on the door frame of my dining room. Don't you just LOVE that pink ball. I can see the kitty playing with itl  So cute.

This hot dog is perfect. What is there to say about these two pillows except dying for the total sweetness.

I am not affiliated in any way with this company. I wish I were, because free pillows? I'm IN.


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