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Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's one of those days

The guy that was supposed to pick up the washer and dryer flaked on my. I spent half of the day trying to find a very last minute mover and finally found some guy that is hopefully going to do it tomorrow morning. I gotta admit, dealing with movers is getting on my last nerve.

Gemma and Eric are off driving back to Miami. I'm not thrilled about her leaving so soon, but she's running her own life, as she has told me about two thousand times. Every time she tells me, I remind her of all the money I've given her in the past three months, which usually shuts her up. She likes to think she is self-supporting and financially on her own, but the truth is, without me and Eric she would be starving on some stoop. It is nice to think she is independent, but it's also nice to get a bit of reality thrown in.

I am still sick and it's getting to me. I hate the malingering part of illness, when moving from the bed to the sofa feels like a major accomplishment. Normally I would plop my butt onto the sofa with the remote and a huge glass of water and watch trashy tv all day. But since we don't HAVE a sofa right now I've been hanging out in bed, far from the tv. I want to reiterate that as a tv addict of world reknown, it absolutely sucks to be sick and not have a comfy place to watch hours of HGTV and Law & Order.

I finally convinced Gemma and Graham to walk to Roslindale Village, which is a half mile from our house. They came back all excited because there is a market there, as well as a dollar store. For all the bitching they did about moving here to the "middle of  nowhere" they have both admitted that this is a great neighborhood with plenty to do, places to work if they would ever LOOK for a job, and places to hang out. What is really interesting to me is that Gemma walked away from Newton last summer and really hasn't looked back. She doesn't hang out with her old Newton friends for the most part (which thrills me no end) and her new friends are older college kids, which makes her interested in attending college eventually. She hasn't applied for next year, but she WILL go to college. She wants to, and she's just not ready to sit down and figure out where and what she wants to study. Her brother? Don't ask.


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