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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jeez, I've been really busy.

My friend Iris let me borrow her car this weekend. I haven't been out of the house in weeks, so nothing much has been done. The chores kept piling up and most of them required a car. We did Marshalls, Supermarket, laundramat, picked up the remainder of Gem's stuff from a friend's house (twice) and CVS. I had to park the car overnight on our street, which is barely plowed. That meant taking a spot that someone shoveled, which is very bad form. The spot was less than a foot larger than the car. But I made it in with a lot of finagling.

Our grocery store was having a big weekend sale, and I planned my trip ahead of time to take advantage of the savings. Careful shopping netted me a savings of $68.64. That isn't chump change.

We returned the car at noon, and now we are putting away the food and straightening up the kitchen.

I took a real shower standing up and everything. I swear it, I was filthy, even after a zillion birdbaths. Graham took a shower while we were out. He's been on top of the showering for months now. One less thing not to fight about.

We only have 4 towels. A black one that I took with me when we moved and 3 white ones I bought at Marshalls marked down to $ 3.99 ea. All the rest of our linen closet disappeared. As did the glass on the coffee table, and various other things like my hair dryer and 2 hair straighteners.  I figure that almost half of our belongings are lost.

That is pretty much all I've got.


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Blogger Nina Rubin said...

Half your stuff lost...horrible. What is your biggest need?

31/1/11 10:32 AM  

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