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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Middle East is roiling

First, some bizness. I have turned on comment moderation on due to a sad hater that cannot seem to leave me alone. I won't block him (and yes, it's HIM again...18 months later and still the man is obsessed with me. How pathetic is THAT?) but he has no chance of commenting, and his comments will remain unread, so the only person that ever gets to see how sad and pathetic his fatness is, is the Titular Tub of Lard himself.

Now with that out of the way (wiping the filth off my hands) I've spent most of the day today watching Al Jazeera in English.It is really remarkable coverage of the rioting in Egypt, especially since the internet has been declared off by Mubarek's government. If you're not watching, take a peek are the stirrings of democracy in the mid-east.

What worries me is the fermenting anti-Israel comments that I see popping up because honestly, this really isn't about the US-Israeli relations, nor is it about the Palestian problems. First in Tunesia, then Egypt, and now Algeria, Jordan and Lebanon are all about democracy and freedoms that are not currently possible to these citizens. For many years the middle-east has been moving to very conservative lifestyles. As Sharia law started to take hold in Iran after the ousting of the Shah, other countries in the area started to move to women wearing the veil, women not allowed education or civil rights, and groups like Hizbullah in Lebanon offered a corrupt governmental style coupled with more and more repression. At some point people get angry about governmental repression and make it plain by taking to the streets demanding change. They want more choice in their government. They want free, anti-corrupt elections. They want human rights. These have nothing to do with Israel. They want democracy. They deserve democracy. I support them wholeheartedly as long as Israel isn't endangered. Freedom is something that I strongly believe in. And if a populace has to take to the streets to get it, I say "Go for it" as long as the protests don't become violent.

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Blogger Ranchmom said...

Amen to that. Did you hear earlier this year they were blaming Israel for *shark attacks* in Egypt? Their hatred has really made them insane. You know you are secretly evil shark-programming monsters. ;*)

I hope this turns out well in Egypt and they don't end up with something even worse.

28/1/11 10:14 PM  

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