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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Don't you find it irksome when some blogger teases with news, good or bad, and then tells you that it's unbloggable.Especially when there is no hint of what's going on other than "changes ahead". Yup, it is annoying and right now I'm about to annoy you all because  I have something unbloggable going on. It is one of my mindfucks that comes up whenever there is something in the news that triggers such stuff. Like many moms of older teens and young adults, especially those with emotional and mental disturbances I tend to go to a very dark place when there is such a violent tragedy in the news.

I know that I can't change things just because I want them to change. I know that things are improving very slowly, but they are still going in the right direction. I get that for kids in that age group that have made the mistake of not attending college, the future looks dim and hopeless. The economy has tainted so many kids that had wants and desires to do stuff that is no longer available to them, and that sucks. The feeling of hopelessness can manifest into something dangerous like violent acts. Especially if mental health services fall apart for kids over 18. There isn't anything for them outside of the private arena of the very rich.

All of this, as it pertains to me, is what is unbloggable, but I'm guessing that you get it even if I can't really talk about it.

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