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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back from the Abyss, cont.

I have not fallen into the sea. nor have I died. We had a storm, our cable/internet connection was down, and we just got back online today. And before anything else, I want to say that Comcast was wonderful. They certainly have changed since we last were customers in 2002.

Not having access to the outside world was interesting. Especially since I have been having disruptive sleep and very weird dreams with aural hallucinations. One morning I sent Graham donstaires twice because I was sure I heard the doorbell. And one day I kept seeing things in lime green for a few seconds, and then it would fade to normal.  It sounds bizarre, but it was actually quite amusing. I'm sure it has to do with a new medication that was added to my regime. I have a doctor's appointment coming soon and we'll be discussing all the very strange vision things that are happening to me.

Next bizarre happening was that our downstairs neighbor kept complaining that her ceiling was leaking. After she and her husband looked and looked for a leak, she had her son come over. He poked around and moved a lot of stuff and decided that the leak was beyond his expertise. The next day son and plumber showed up, played around with flashlights and stinky goop, and said they would return the next day. They came back and tore apart my entire kitchen to find an old cast iron pipe with a hole in it. They took FOREVER to fix it, and than didn't have time to finish, so it was another day without a kitchen. It took 3 days for the plumber to repair the leak, but he didn't replace, just patched the pipe.  The thing is, it's probably going to leak again. And that means another week of no meals and strangers in my house.

While all this was going on, Gemma left for Miami and her friend that had my handbag was still incommunicado. I left email, voicemail, IMs Text messages..and no response. After two weeks of not having access to my money, I got pissed and threatened to call the police on her, and she finally got back to me and said that I could come and get it. So I explained for the bazillionth time that I had NO access to my money without my purse, and she never responded. I did call the police, but they were totally unhelpful. What a shock. Overpaid assholes.

That's enough for now. Next installment will contain the story about the Miami dog, Graham's general cluelessness, and a funny kitty tale.


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