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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bowl and the Blankie

This is the tale of two kitties. Two very weird cats that happen to live with us. We are their slaves.We still love them, even if they barely tolerate us.Their names are Spot and Pepper. These are their stories.

When Pepper came to live with us she was about 12 weeks old and totally adorable.She grew up to resemble a loaf of bread. Seriously, she is a fatty with the shortest legs and tail ever.Pepper has a very odd habit. She likes to move her water dish before drinking out of it. By move, I mean drag it from room to room. You never know where the bowl is going to be from minute to minute which means that if you don't watch your feet, you'll end up tripping over the bowl. What started out as a little nuisance has now blossomed into a big problem because we have porcelain tile floors and the noise of the bowl scraping over the tiles is totally annoying, especially in the middle of the night.

Now, Spottie came to live with us when was a tiny little tyke, all of 4 weeks old. He was taken away from his mama way too early. We had to bottle feed him when he first arrived. Spot has always been a stand-offish kinda guy. He likes his "me time" more than just about anything. Anything except where he likes to spend his time alone. It all started when I bought a polar fleece blanket that is made like shearling. I brought that blanket home, put it on the sofa, and he jumped up on it and fell in love. The blankie is the mama he misses. He likes to nurse the blanket by picking up a piece of it in his mouth and while he is sucking on it, he kneads and kneads and kneads ad nauseum. It is adorable to see this solitary cat that loves a blankie more than his humans.

Now, does this give you an idea of why I'm slightly nuts?

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Blogger Ranchmom said...

Lucky does that too! Our cat Missy Kitty Pretty Girl had the 3 boys and had a very difficult birth with them. Clyde was born first and he came out find, but Lucky got stuck in the birth canal and Claude behind him so the Vet had to do a C-section to get them out (and she was spayed at the same time). Anyway, Lucky could never figure out how to nurse from her so Amanda bottle fed him. He got verrry attached to a pink and purple blanket that has monkeys on it. We call it "Mommy Blankie" and he kneads and kneads it and sucks on it and purrs.

22/2/11 8:01 AM  

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