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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting my hopes up

I wish things had turned out differently when my kids were enrolled in school. But even in school, they were hosed. They had a guidance counselor that was first in maternity leave during Graham's senior year, and she returned the following year part time 3 days a week. She was perfectly nice and all, but she was awful as a point person for college applications. The school had a special person for college entrance help, but she was a disaster. She had a tremendous work load serving hundreds of rich needy kids. Plus, she had no interest in a kid that needed extra help. Let's just say that I have little respect person.  Many, no most of the graduating seniors had hired help to get through their application

Consequently my kids got the message loud and clear that they were not college material, especially since they had no clue of .what they wanted to study.By the time Gemma graduated, Graham went into a deep funk. He didn't know why (no meds MIGHT be the reason!) What he kept telling me over and over in the angriest tone of voice is that he didn't want to go to college, he didn't know where, or even how to apply using naviance He was a wreck.

Gemma knew she wanted to take this year, but I'm betting that will eventually find the right school when she's ready. Right now she is having the time of her life in Miami.

To recap, 2 kids in various stages of wandering. I don't worry about Gem. She will be fine. Graham? Not so much. He wouldn't even let me open my mouth to discuss the possibility of going to college. Mr No Sir, No Way was a rock that stuck tight.

Until tonight. We were talking this afternoon about this and that when the subject came up. And he said unto me, " I do want to go to college." And the heavens opened and revealed a sapphire sky. Tis a miracle indeed.
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Blogger Ranchmom said...

The girls' HS "Guidance" counselor is a joke too. He advised Emma not to take AP Psychology last year because she was already taking another AP class and it would be "too hard". She ignored him and passed both of them with an A thankyouverymuch.

She didn't even consider asking him for advice on applying to colleges and got in just fine to the ones she applied to. Now we're just wading through the financial aid stuff.

23/2/11 1:45 PM  

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