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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Meet the neighbors

Due to the insane snowfall, nobody is outside much unless they are shoveling, but I have had the pleasure of meeting several of my neighbors. The people upstairs are a couple and their Boston Terrier. He is a roofer, she is a nurse.

Across the street is a middle-aged woman with identical twin boys who look to be about 4. The boys are just adorable and I know I'm going to like their mom because she dresses them in different colors and not just alike. They live in a beautiful old Victorian that has been well cared for. The whole neighborhood is filled with Victorians but their house stands out with a lovely turret and a whole wraparound porch. It is quite lovely.

Next door to us on the left side is another large house painted a soft butter cream yellow.  That house contains a family with a lot of kids.They also have a lot of friends that come over so I'm not sure which kids live there and which kids are just visiting. But they sound like a fun household.

Around the block is the park, which has the sledding hill for younger kids. We've heard that it is the neighborhood hangout for the scummier sorts. It's kind of like a needle park, popular with teens and young adults you do not want hanging out with your kids. Fortunately, my kids are scared and rather disgusted by the hangouts, and steer clear.
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