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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Not a great day

I know that there are fools out there that like winter, but I am not one of them. Now that the truck has left for Ft. Myers, I'm desperate for warm breezes. Instead, Mother Nature has been a total bitch and it is 15 degrees outside with a windchill that turns it into negative numbers. This is not a joke, especially since we have no heat in the house since we ran out of oil.

I wanted to go to ABCD to apply for fuel assistance, but I can't because I no longer have the documents I need.

Why? Because my handbag is missing. The last time I saw it was Sat. night when Gem was carrying it for me. We went in her friend's car to the store, we were gone maybe 15 minutes, but the bag has not been seen since. In the bag are the documents that I need. Things like my SS card, Medicare and Mass Health card, ID, etc. I cancelled my debit card (4th one in the past year). But my check book, birth cert, passport, etc were all in my filofax, which is my entire life in one place.

Problem is, Gem's friend does not answer her phone or respond to texts. Which sucks because days are slowly passing and she has ignored every attempt to respond. I'm about to murder then both.

Meanwhile, Gem and Graham are not speaking to each other and making my life even more miserable than usual.


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