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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Scent of this woman

Because of my asthma I am not a perfume wearer as it makes me cough and choke. This is a totally first world problem, but it makes me sad because I happen to love a few perfumes and have in the past worn them daily. This was when my asthma was totally benign and under control. And then I got pregnant with twins and that was the end of my perfume wearing.

My asthma has been totally under control for over a year now, so I am thinking of going back to wearing perfume. A little goes a long way, and it is just so delightful to have a light tickle of a delicious scent. It is my only girly-girl affectation. I don't wear makeup of any kind, I rarely brush the frizz on top of my head, and I only do nail polish in the summer. I'm pretty much a failure as a girl. Too bad I'm not gay because I'd be a much better lesbian than a straight woman. Oh well.

Tonight I was reading Blackbird's blog and she was asking about wooden toothbrushes. I gave her a link to Colonial Drug in Harvard Square, a very high quality emporium specializing in men's shaving articles, perfumes, Mason & Pearson hairbrushes, and very fancy soaps and haircare products. When I was in grad school I was a frequent customer because the carried Rene Furterer's full haircare line as well my favorite soaps. I was very well groomed in grad school.

I wondered if they carried my all time favorite parfum, Krizia's Teatro Alla Scala, so I searched and found that this perfume, introduced in 1986, is still in production. Be still me heart.I LOVE the smell of this complex perfume. It is not for the delicate. It is not a floral scent, moreso spicy and complex. What I found particularly humerous is that in the "If you like this you might also like..." section has pretty much every perfume I have owned and loved. Shalimar (my mother's signature scent), Opium, Lauren, and Fendi. I have owned and loved every one of those perfumes which makes me predictable and boring. Figures.

What are your favorite scents?

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Blogger Keri said...

Hi! I too like the spice/citrus fragrances... but when i was young, i used to love JOY. Which I think of now every time I get near Carolina Herrera. JOY is rose, but the real perfume (as apposed to du toilete or parfume) is not flowery at all. Love your blog. Great Post.



24/2/11 2:29 PM  

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