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Friday, March 11, 2011

Shaking in our boots

Last night we stayed all night watching the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Surprisingly, Gemma was first on the scene, reading the initial Facebook postings. I got right on to Twitter and checked on my old friend Lisa who lives in Tokyo with her husband and kids. She luckily had just tweeted that everyone was fine but her daughter was not home and although daughter had texted mom, she forgot to tell her mom where she was.  Turned out she was at a school friend's house so all was well. I can't even describe my relief knowing all was OK. Lisa is such a strong woman that she went to work straight away and wrote her column about the earthquake for today's paper.

Then I had to look up another old internet friend who is a seismologist. Earthquakes are her business. Her Facebook wall was like a seismology graduate school class where all her seismologist friends got into a great (but somewhat incomprehensible) discussion about how tsunamis are produced. Quite interesting.

The kids and I got into quite a few interesting scientific discussions about what was happening. I explained how the ocean buoys measure the height of the waves and how that gave people enough warning to evacuate the shores. We talked about why tsunamis are more dangerous than tornadoes, and compared them to hurricanes.  It was one of those "teachable" moments that we haven't had in a while. It was actually nice and pleasant in the midst of terrible circumstances to have a good family moment.

At around 5 am I could barely keep my eyes open so I want to bed but Gemma reported that I slept terribly and was talking in my sleep the whole time.  I knew I wasn't sleeping well when I woke up to Graham saying to Gemma, "Isn't she cute when she is asleep?"  Awwww.

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