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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Standing in my own muck

Do you ever watch the hoarder shows on TV and ask yourself, "how did it get so bad?" I feel like that poor hoarder, so overwhelmed with all the shit surrounding me that I can't even get out of bed some days. I know I always have very emotional reactions to bad things going on in the world. Watching Japan suffer so much from natural and man made disasters is freaking me out. I worry for Lisa, who is evacuating her kids to her parents in Las Vegas, and then returning to Cow Bones where she is the Tokyo bureau chief. She writes about the radiation and how the Japanese seem convinced that their paper masks will help them repel the radiation. Meanwhile, Japanese bankers have abandoned the country in droves while most citizens can't get to Hong Kong by air.

I have a bunch of stuff to do that requires leaving the house, and right now that is too much for me. I need to apply for food stamps and that means going to JP to their office and sitting around all day waiting to talk to someone. We have no food in the house. I've run out of oatmeal and am on the last box of cheerios, which I've been eating dry because we have no milk. And we have to last two more weeks until I get some money.

We finally got the washer/dryer, but not without a boatload of hassles. Graham had a MAJOR meltdown when I told him that he had to help, which entailed a subway ride to the other end of the Orange line. He was sure he would get stabbed ??? and he was far gone that he could not see that the plan was totally well thought out. I finally got him out of the house, and the trip was exactly as I planned. Not one stabbing!  They brought the washer and dryer downstairs to the basement where our elderly and non-English speaking landlord decided to tell the mover and graham to put the washer and dryer in the wrong places, Chaos ensued, Graham again went off his rocker, and we now had a washer and dryer that we cannot hook up. So I complained to the landlord's son, who came over and rearranged the machines so that they are in the correct places BUT... the washer hoses don't reach the faucets and the water return doesn't reach the pipe. I have to call a plumber anyhow, because we have a gas dryer and it has to be installed by a plumber, so I guess I'll be adding the installation of both machines. Right now I have no money at all, so it will have to wait a couple more weeks until my money comes. Right now I have on the very last pair of pants I own that are still clean, I haven't had clean undies in about two weeks. It must be time for a major hand washing.

So if that weren't enough tsuris, Gemma opened a bank account at the local B of A, and when she opened it, for some bizarre reason the hooked her ATM card to my account, which has screwed up both of our accounts to the point where they are unusable. All her charges are deducted from her account AND my account, which has left both of us severly overdrawn with huge bank charges. Yet ANOTHER dispute I need to deal with. I hate them.

Another fun week at our house!

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Blogger Beth said...

:( I'm sorry.

16/3/11 9:57 PM  

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