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Thursday, March 10, 2011

We are on Fire over here!

That would be Gemma and I are on fire. Graham isn't even on simmer. In the last couple of days I've done pretty much every outstanding chore, including finding a washer/dryer and arranging for a mover on Sunday. I've scoured the ads for coffee tables and I just want to mention that 99% of all coffee tables are HORRIBLE. Or at least the ones on craigslist are. My personal favorites are the people that are selling their IKEA Lack coffee table for more than IKEA does brand new. Totally cracks me up.

Meanwhile, Gemma and I (and by that I mean Gemma worked and I supervised) unpacked the entire living room and dining room. Only boxes left are boxes filled with books because we are down 2 bookcases from the move. I plan to put in at least one 7-foot tall, 35" wide bookcase that should take care of the overlap. Hopefully.

We've mostly been having a lot of fun finding old relics and trying to arrange all this stuff. Once the washer/dryer is hooked up and I catch up with the laundry backup, my room is the next one to take on.  I need a bed frame and two bedside tables. Oh, and lamps. We need lamps desperately. The movers destroyed pretty much every lamp we owned.

It feels good to be straightening up and beginning to put the rooms together. We'll be just in time to snag stuff from all the students moving back to their native lands in May. You can't believe what great finds there are for people like me who have patience, a vision and no preconceived notions about what I want.

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Blogger Katherine Gottschalk said...

I'm afraid I don't understand how all your things got lost in the move. Can't you take it up with the movers? What happened. It seems so wrong that you can be out so many things with no recourse but to replace it with your own money!

13/3/11 4:19 PM  

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