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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Frozen tootsies

It's been might quiet around here. By that I mean both at home and on the blawg. I could lie and say I've been busy. Ha! Not quite. I've been sleeping, reading, and watching some movies and Buffy that we downloaded. I barely see Graham because we sleep at different times, and Gemma is still in Miami, although she comes home tomorrow. I've caught up on a lot of the paperwork piled up, and that's pretty much it from these here parts.

The reason it is so quiet is that, because I am totally flat broke and beyond, Comcast gracefully turned the switch and that results in no internet and no TV. Additionally, Graham used up every minute on my phone and Gemma didn't have enough money to pay her phone bills, so we have no phones either. When you take away the TV and the phone it gets rather moribund in the house at first, but then it gets really pleasant. I'm the queen of introverts so essentially living the life of a hermit is pretty cushy for me. The only complaint I have is that our neighbors are having work done on the side of the house that faces us so there is a lot of banging, excited utterances, and an air compressor for the nail gun that I personally would like to shoot. I've had a headache for a week now.

The headache isn't just from the air compressor, it is also from a lack of food. We finished all the dry cereal, which is all I've eaten in 2 weeks. With no bread, eggs, butter, milk, and cheese there are very few things to make. Graham has been eating beans straight from the can, and yesterday I dipped into my passover stock from last year and made myself a bowl of what they call "Hot Cereal." In reality it is matzoh meal, and it was SO vile, even after I doctored it with cinnamon sugar and raisins that I couldn't eat it. I've never had a cabinet so bare. The only thing in the freezer are two trays of ice cubes. The fridge doesn't fare much better. We do have condiments, but nothing to put them on. We've eaten all the canned tuna and most of the canned salmon, which has been the only protein. I even polished off Gemma's peanut butter and I HATE peanut butter.

The last time we were in a grocery store was at the very end of January. If you think about how much you keep in your pantry, could you have made it for a bit more than a month with no fill-ins or mad dashes to the store to pick up just an item or two? I was pretty sure we could make it if the cereal hadn't run out, but once that was gone it got mighty bleak in the kitchen. I can't even go in there. Graham has made such a spectacular mess while concocting recipes and he won't clean anything that doesn't go in the dishwasher.

Speaking of Graham, I was talking to him the other day about maybe learning a trade if he feels that he can't handle college. (I am FINALLY, after two years of trying, getting to the bottom of why he is not interested in college and it makes a lot of sense if you know Graham's history with school.) We settled on plumbing because of all the trades, they make the most money. A licensed plumber can make six figures easily. So, we're going to investigate the wonderful world of pipes! Maybe he can apprentice with Mike Holmes. He has a bunch of kids working for him including a son and a daughter. All I can say about this is, how wicked cool would it be to have a plumber in the family? For once my pipes would drain.

I'm re-reading "A Crack in the World" by Simon Winchester. It is a primer on tectonic plates, geology, and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. I read it last summer and liked it, but I didn't absorb a lot of the more difficult scientific data because I was reading more for the story. But after Japan's earthquake I wanted to go back and re-read for the more arcane technical information. If you are interested in geology, seismology, and the earth's movements that cause earthquakes, this is the book for you. Told be a superb writer who studied geology at Oxford before the discovery of the side slip of the earth's tectonic plates. I've read several other books by Winchester and all are meticulously researched and extremely readable. Just the social history of San Francisco is well worth the read. HIGHLY recommended.

UPDATE: Comcast back on but argumentative on Sunday morning. Finished the earthquake book which should be required reading for everyone west of the Mississippi, especially in Northern CA, Southern Missouri, and Charleston SC. Los Angeles, while still earthquake prone, gets a reprieve for not sitting directly on a fault. San Francisco people, I'd start packing now. You are SCREWED.

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