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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Frustrated with my own rules

Something happened that was important today. I can't tell you what because it isn't my story to tell, but a waft of fresh air blew in to the house late this afternoon and by early evenings were turning around.

Gemma once again is out at Bassnector, which is some dubstep DJ that does raves. She's gone before, just a couple of days ago, and then an extra ticket came up today and she was off. It is kind of strange to me that she is blossoming so well socially after so many friend disasters in middle and high schools. Her friends are mostly in college or working hard. She's been exposed to really wonderful things by these friends, and is setting off an advancement in her vocabulary and her interest in the world around her. If she wasn't such a slob (which she is) and she wasn't so tight with her money on anything that is not for her, well then I'd say she is just about perfectiom in my book. But she still has a way to go.

We haven't really had spring here yet. It is cold and winter clothes are still required. I guess after going through such a brutal winter it seems almost unfair to have to endure a cold spring as well. I'm waiting for the forsythia to bloom, which is the real sign that winter is gone. I've seen a few bulbs up in sunny spots, but no flowering trees or shrubs. And where are my lilacs?


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