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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink eye

Both of my kids appear to have the dreaded pink eye. I can't even remember the last time we dealt with particular plague but it must be at least 10 tears ago. Even though they are now grown up, they still act like hellions when it comes to medical treatments. Graham has spent his entire life convinced that eye drops will kill him. Getting drops, never mind gunky oily ointment into his eyes is impossible. Even the mention of drops has him screaming like a girly girl.  He won't try to put them in himself and there is no way in hell that  anyone else can get within 5 feet of him if holding an eye drop bottle.

And then there is Gemma. Remember that she wouldn't take pills as a little kid. She also will not take pills as a mature kid in her late teens. No way no how. Especially when whining is SOOOOO much more fun. I've left the benedryl out for her to reconsider because guess what? I'm an idiot that cannot believe that she won't crack. I am ever hopeful. Not that it ever works, but what the hell?

I've also got a full prescription for an antibiotic that has not expired and she refused to take a while back. Long since whatever infection it was prescribed for, I keep on hoping that someday she might swallow a damn pill. In the meantime I am thankful that a Nuvaring was invented for stubborn girls like her.

So far I have not caught the conjunctivitis, but then again I use allergy meds daily including Panetol eyedrops. I believe in preventative practices that will keep me as healthy as possible. Cause I am a fragile speshul snowflake.

One last thing. The more I watch Bethany (Gets Married, Ever After, RHONY) the more I see huge similarities between us. It is kinda uncanny. She has the same short fuse that I do. She has the same type of family background that I do. She reacts to birthdays the same way I do. She's bossy and controlling like I am, and she does not trust anyone to do it as well as she does. It is unnerving to watch her sometimes because I know what she is thinking before the action happens. The biggest difference is that I'm an XL and she is a XS. Oh, and Jason. Otherwise? Peas in a pod.

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