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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tough morning doesn't bode well

We have had a really hard month and it is just going to get worse this month. I am out of money already, and once again that is without food shopping. We're going to starve to death. In the past 3 days I've eaten 6 slices of bread. Plain bread. No butter or jam or anything else. We're running out of bread. We ran out of rice and pasta. There is literally nothing left to eat. I think about food all the time. I dream about grocery shopping and eating all the time. A friend is bringing by some stuff to tide us over until Family Table, our food pantry delivers some staples. I've contacted a Jewish charity about Passover food coupons that we usually get but didn't this year. I'm going to apply for food stamps AGAIN. I'm going to call Project Bread AGAIN. I'm looking for some freelance gigs (so far nothing is out there). I'm doing everything I can including nagging my kids about jobs on a continual basis.

What scares me is that the government wants to take even more away from us. They want our family, and the thousands of families like us to disappear into the mist. They want to pretend that the only worthy Americans are in the top 1% of the financial pyramid, as are the Senate and house members, and the rest of us don't exist. They want to strip bare the American safety net because, after all, they don't need it so why should they pay for it. The financial divide ever widens, while the financially insecure keep free-falling into the pit of debt and death. American children are starving. American children have no health care. American infrastructure is a disgrace. American education is a joke. But the Republicans only care to line each others pockets. More money for them, no money for the rest of us. It is wrong. It is mean-spirited, it is horrible and yet we continue to allow it to happen.

America, we need a revolution. We need to get back to when it wasn't shameful to be middle class or poor. We need to get to the point where nobody needs the kind of wealth we now see in the US. Why does ANYONE need billions of personal dollars? I'd like to see personal income topped out with a 100% tax of anything over 10 million per year. If you can't live on 10 million, something is seriously WRONG with your values. I'd like to see everything over a million taxed at 65%. I want the rich to pay for the privilege of being rich. And I want ALL corporate loopholes closed and a mandatory tax of 50% on ALL corporate earnings so companies like GE and EXXON would finally be forced to pay taxes. Screw the shareholders, they are all rich too. I want the money in this country spread around all the population and not just the richest 1%. I want equity. I want socialism. I want to live in a country where all the citizens have value.

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