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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Slow news week, eh?

I have offically declared that I am suffering from News Overload Disorder. First it was the wedding of the century. You did hear about that small quiet shindig in London on Friday, right? Knowing what kind of idiot anglophile I am, you must know that I starting watching at 2 am when TLC started off showing a bunch of background shows, to catch you up on everything royal. Can't possibly say no to that, now. Then the wedding started at 4 am my time, when the first guests came staggering into the Abby. I was enchanted, and watched every single second of the coverage.

Exhausted, I went to bed in the late afternoon and slept until Sunday at some strange time. After logging onto Facebook I found that a very dear friend, someone I've known for 18 years, someone I have shared laughter, trials and tribulations as well as kid's clothing and a nice Shabbat chicken dinner in the middle of Iowa, had a terrible tragedy in her family. I'm still pretty raw about the story, and it isn't mine to share anyhow. but it threw me for a giant loop and I spent most of Sunday in tears. I was so sad and the 5 days without Effexor, my depression drug of choice, did not help me to cheer up one bit.

I spent a lot of time reading online, and then at 11ish, Graham came bursting in filled with excitement and shared the news about Osama bin Ladin's demise in Pakistan. Most of you do not know about my personal hatred of that country, but when I was driving from Lisbon to India, Pakistan refused to let us Jewish kids into their fetid country. No visa, no entry, and I haven't forgiven or forgotten, Hell, Jordan and Lebanon let us in. Iran let us in. But Pakistan? Bunch of asshole. So when the story broke and the news started on the "mansion" and the compound right outside the frigging capitol of Islamibad after the government denied vociferously that Osama was in their country, well you can just imagine how I took to that part of the story. NOT a fan of the Pakistani government, those Jew-hating terrorists.

Of course I had to stay up most of the night, hooked on the little news tidbits that trickled in, finally passing out sometime around 5 am. Because I am a news junkie that cannot turn off the TV.

When I got up this afternoon I went right back to the news while reading every online link I could find. I laughed at the conspiracy theorists, I got pissed at the supposed saints who tried to tell people how to feel and admonished those that were happy the Arabian Devil is swimming with the fishies, hopefully with a pair of lead boots to keep him down.

I don't need to be told that my elation is wrong. I mourn the death of my friend Rob who was killed on 9/11. Robs wife, his 4 kids including his then infant twins, and his friends and extended family get to be as happy as they can be, knowing that after 10 years, Rob's murderer got his due.

More news tonight, but interspersed with those whackadoodle RHoOC and the ever delightful and hilarious Bethany. Thank God for Bravo. It keeps me alive with emotions.  Now it is 6:30 am, Gemma and I cleaned up and decorated the living room and dining room, and I cleaned most of the kitchen except for the MOUNTAIN of dishes Graham has left. Guess what he'll be doing today?

We still have a bit more to get done, but as Gem said this evening, this is the prettiest our houses have looked since California.

Shout to Iris for picking up the new bread machine, yet another craigslist find. Thank you, you sexy beast (private joke).

I think I might be getting over the worst of the Effexor cold turkey crash and burn. I'm still crying several times a day, but I don't feel so sad, and I'm working on stuff instead of sitting shell-shocked and miserable.

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