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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spam spam spam spam

Did you know that yesterday was some sort of international Monty Python Day, where you were supposed to post pithy MP quotes. Oddly, it was also the day when I got hacked and had to clean up a huge mess of spam. My email has been beyond quirky the last few weeks, but yesterday it took on a life of it's own and sent out thousands of emails with links I didn't ever open. I just kept deleting them. Then, as if matters weren't confusing enough, someone thought it would be funny to spam my email with porn. LOTS of porn, none of which I opened. So that was a swell day.

I just want to say how astonished and disgusted I am to see most of Bush's cabinet come out of retirement to take credit for the death of OBL. Cheney, Rove, Rice, Ridge, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and even Colin Powell all came out of hiding to blab their propaganda on the Sunday news shows. It's been kinda creepy seeing them all turn up again. I'm almost surprised that Laura and the twins plus George Senior and Babs weren't linked up from Kennebunkport. Just seeing the whole band of miscreants taking credit for doing nothing was a million steps backward.

We are finally almost caught up with laundry. I had 5 garbage bags filled with dirty clothes, Graham had a few more bags, and Gemma has a mountain in my room that she still hasn't tackled. We even have clean towels!

I found a free sewing machine for Gemma on freecycle. It isn't fancy, but she just wants to make pillows and curtains and patch her clothes. It will be fine. It has a table so it will go right into her room. Right now is the primo time to find stuff on craigslist, since all the students are leaving. Had I any extra $$ I could have bought both kids futons and frames, replaced my broken bed with a nice frame, picked up a good small breakfront and various other things we need.  Hopefully I will find a coffee table that I like soon. I know what I want, a black map table with deep drawers for extra storage. Dark wood would be fine, but I'd prefer espresso or black.  They are considered a bit dated, but for our living room they are the right shape and would go with the crazy dresser that I'm redoing in black with ivory detailing to match out ivory sofa. Our main accent color is a nice burgundy red with accents of brass, silver, and moss green. I'm going to eventually replace our console table that holds my large collection of sea shells with a wrought iron and glass table, and then all we'll need in the room is a club chair with matching ottoman.

We might be dirt poor, but we can decorate on the very cheap, thanks to freecycle and craigslist. I think the hunt is more fun than just walking into a store and getting whatever is the style this year. I like an eclectic look, anyhow.  If you're a craigslist shopper, let me recommend an ap called Craigslist Helper. It turns CL listings into more of an ebay interface, with photos alongside each post, and the ability to mark favorites, add notes, and filter out what you don't want to see.

How cool is this?

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