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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Once upon a time in Boston

Nope, this is not another tale about Whitey Bulger. I think we have all had enough of Whitey right now. The excitement of his capture, his extradition back here, his indictments, his girlfriend, his brother Billy... it is enough already. I'm totally ODed on Whitey.

But he isn't the only thing to happen in Boston the past week. There is also my long-standing battle to get food stamps. Which would make a great episode of The Office if only it wasn't about life and death. To recap, Gemma went to the local office here countless times to apply for food stamps. We thought with a different name and a new address they couldn't screw up our application if she applied. How naive and stupid I was. Of course they screwed up every single facet of the application. We had to fax our paperwork 4 separate times, the last time being sent by a friend at yet another new fax number.

Once everything was faxed we got a letter saying that we were getting ZERO food stamps because they didn't have copies of our lease and medical receipts. So we faxed them AGAIN. Then we got another letter saying that since we moved they were transferring us to the Revere office. Um, we had not moved since applying initially.

I call the Revere office and speak to someone that actually  feels badly at the treatment we have received and gives me the phone number of the asst director of the agency. I call her and leave a message telling her my long tale of woe. Someone from her office calls back and says that we will be getting food stamps in mid-July and because our application was so screwed up for months we were going to get some back payments. I get all excited. FOOD!

We get a letter yesterday confirming that the payments will start mid-July. Nothing about the back payment but I'm still feeling positive because I am an optimistic fool.  I decide to call the office hotline to see if maybe we have some $ on the EBT card. I honestly thought that everything was finally solved. I have never been more wrong. They cancelled my EBT card. CANCELLED the card.

I mean it when I say that to be employed by this state you must have an IQ of 80 or less. They are overworked morons.

So, on Monday I will once again be on the phone and my guess is that we have to start all over again. So terribly frustrating.

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