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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Astounded, but not surprised

Facebook can be a real cesspool of commentary, especially if you have gotten political sites linked to you. I love politics. I love pretty much everything about it, from the bad behavior and inane commentary to the heroic and sincere attempts to make government work for everyone. I'm opinionated, I get pissed, I can be more passionate than is healthy, and occasionally I can get rabid.

What I don't like about politics is the dumbasses that never even attempt to research a stance, they just blindly follow a party or a candidate without knowing anything. That drives me nuts.

But what really grinds my goat is when certain idiots blame the ills of the world on a cultural, ethnic, or religious group.  That goes beyond the pale for me, especially when the jerks posting these comments use derogatory names to make their sick little remarks.

You'll never guess who is being blamed for the fall of civilization this time. I'll give you a hint. They killed Jesus, they control the media, they bombed the world trade center, they kill Christian children for the blood that they use to make matzohs, and they totally faked the holocaust. Yup, those damn Joos. The ones that are starving the Palestinians, that started the wars in Iran and Iraq, all the while controlling what you see on TV and read in the papers.

The thing is, that behavior is against the Terms of Service on Facebook, and it is extremely easy to report them and block them. If they have no place to post this crap, it will make the internet a nicer place.

People are always going to blame the Joos. We're a tint minority, but we are a white minority. We are successful based on our high levels of education. We are insular, close knit, and paranoid about living amongst so many Christians that hate us. Never mind the Muslims. Jews make up between 6 and 6.5 million people according to the US census 2009. There are as many Jews here in the USA as there were killed by the Nazis. According to the Jewish Federations, there are far fewer Jews in the US. Wikipedia says that 1.7% of the population identifies as Jewish. In other words there ain't a lot of us out there but we still scare the bejezus out of the TEA party adherents. Kinda funny in a sicko weird way.

Thing is, I'm really tired of being the defender of my faith on the Internet. I've been doing it for 20 years and it is getting really old and stale. Oh, for a millisecond the Muslims were our worst enemies, but now we defend them and apologize for the morons that act out against them. Who does that for the Jews? In this country antisemitism is festering right under the skin. It is everywhere and it is growing.

Do you do anything to stop it? Do you report anti-semetic posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter. Do you laugh at jokes about Jews? Or tell them yourselves? Have you ever researched the contributions Jews have made for the world?  Um, yeah.

What such a small number of people have contributed to the world at large is remarkable and something to be respected. Tikkun Olam, to repair the world, is one of the basic tenets of Judaism. We do good for the world because it is part of who we are.

If there is only one thing you know about Judaism, let it be Tikkun Olam. OK?

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