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Saturday, July 16, 2011


When I put the lout badge on this site, I wasn't really sure it would add any value to this blog. I've got a modest readership and I like it that way. Being popular or controversial just makes people want to be mean to you, and I get enough of that at home, thank you very much.

However, last night I started seeing people on twitter talking about a European music service that was never before available in the USA. American accounts were opening up for people that used Klout, so I went to the Klout web site, signed up for Spotify, and TaDa! I got an account. Only 7000 people had an account when I got mine, but I'm betting they will be in the millions by Monday night.

This is the second cutting edge application I've gotten an account on this week. First it was Google +, now Spotify. I'm feeling very internet progressive. Go ahead and call me old, but I'm right up there with the spring chickens when it comes to the 'net.

I spent about an hour setting up a new playlist that will keep me alert. At one point Graham came in and let me know I was listening to Kanye West,. Um yeah, I was aware! Next I am going to put a sing along playlist for when I need to be belting out tunes. Now that I don't drive I don't listen to the radio, and I hate all that GAGA/Beyonce pap. I like my music with a message, with a tune, a good beat and easy to dance to. OK, who gets that reference?

So what are you listening to these days?

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