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Thursday, September 22, 2011

None of the news is fit to print

So it's a week since my heart surgery. I had my ICD completely replaced, they added a 3rd wire into my heart, cleaned up a lot of scar tissue, and taped me back up again. What everybody neglected to tell me is that the second and subsequent times it is about 500 times more painful than the initial installation because of all the scarring and the wires getting tissue overgrown that has to be removed. It was a nightmare the first night. I really wanted to curl up and die. They gave me some weak ass painkillers that didn't work at all, and after I complained about the pain the entire night, they finally gave me a drug worth getting addicted to, morphine injections into my IV. OMG, it was like they pushed the plunger and three seconds later I was out like a light. Pain schmain.... I slept blissfully for hours at a time.

I got home last weekend, and it has not been quite the restful experience that I had hoped it would be. Kids are raring to go, nobody is cleaning anything, there is no food in the house and nobody wants to go shopping, and when they are home, they're hiding in their respective rooms.

Every day is a bit better than the last, so I'm healing appropriately for someone that is not allowed to pick up anything heavier than 4 lbs or to raise my arm over my head, both for a month. Makes getting dressed in the morning rather interesting, but I can get most shirts on now with no help.

My weird arm rash has to be biopsied because nobody seems to know what it is. All I know is that it looks weird, feels weird, and thus annoys me.

Gemma started college and so far she's liking it. She already made a friend. She starts working at Jerry Remi's this week, and she's all excited to be making some money. Even though she is a royal pain in the butt at times, I'm so proud of her. The most interesting thing about her growing up and leaving all her high school tsuris in the dust is that her taste in clothing has radically changed. She bought herself two wool coats, both very stylish, and quite a few other items at the local thrift store. She's giving up on the Uggs and North Face jacket over hoodies and jeans, and is now wearing cute flats, leggings, and regular blouses and sweaters now. She LOOKS a lot older, no longer just a kid anymore. Even her jewelry has changed. I'm very much liking the change.

Kitties are great, playing with each other with wild abandon. It's so much fun to watch them flying over each other.

Me, I'm doing some heavy thinking these days. Making life changes is hard at my advanced age. But I'm working on it. That's all I can promise.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am alive

Hello fellow internets. I have risen from my slumber. I am currently in the hospital recovering from heart surgery. It hurts like a mofo. Now, until we find an internet service provider that covers our area, we are going to continue without internet. It sucks, but when Comcast raised our bill for internet to $156/month, I told them where to stick it. And then I called every single ISP in the free world and not one of them covers our neighborhood. After complaining to the mayor's office about a monopoly and unfair trade (they didn't care...shocking) I realized that I'd be internet free. It is so ridiculous that even the satellite services like Hughes Net don't cover us. Nobody does.

And with that, I'll be popping up here and there until we can find someone that wants to build a tower for us.
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