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Monday, September 24, 2012

When I decided that the internet was unhealthy for my mental status, I meant it. I haven't posted in more than a year, I no longer refer to people I've never met in real life, and I've stopped being enthralled by other people's personal lives. That last one was especially hard since I'm such a yente but really, I knew I had no choice. Now, a year or so later, I still occasionally read facebook and twitter. It's rare for me to post, it is even rarer for me to comment. I read and pass through pretty much everything on the internet.

Until today. I read comment in an article today that contained a link. The link had a winsome name, and I clicked it to see what it was. Well, shiver me timbers! What I found was a web site that contained a LOT of comments about bloggers that are involved in dirty divorces. FILTHY, disgusting posts of couples insulting each other. And these bloggers aren't unknown people. We're talking Dooce and Jon, Melissa and Logan, Manda and Dave.

Now, this isn't your normal internet site. The posts are mere reportage and the comments are filled with wonder about just WTF is going on in Utah, Washington and Michigan. As far as I could tell, the commentors are not haters at all, they seem to be more like me, completely blown away by the initial posts from the divorcing partners.

I'm saddened by the vitriol I've read and the mean statements left by the partners. It really taints the segment of mommy bloggers, and even worse, these statements are residing forever on the internet. Your parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and worst of all, your children will google their parents and find this crap. Honestly, do you want your children to read about whose private parts are stinkier?

People, grow up. The whole world does not need to know about your personal life. Stop posting this crap.

And now I'll gladly crawl back in my cave.

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